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Reach local customers today with a targeted and affordable door to door leaflet distribution campaign!

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Our Quality Control Measures

Learn how all our leaflet distribution campaigns are monitored and tracked

Live GPS Monitoring

Live GPS Monitoring

At leaflet Distribution Team, we know you wouldn’t just hand over your leaflets to any Tom, Dick and I larry that has a bag.

Supervised Teams

Supervised Teams

Our leaflet distribution teams consist of 4-5 externally vetted, in house trained leaflet distributors that work together as a team to deliver each campaign expertly.



As an extra quality control measure all our campaigns are backtracked by our distribution supervisors to ensure quality of distribution for every leafleting campaign.

30% More Responses
30% More Responses

On average we get 30% more responses And leads for our partners

98% Retention Rate
98% Retention Rate

We are in it for the long run – 98% of our clients stay for the long haul

£200+ Million in Revenue
£200+ Million in Revenue

We’ve driven £200+ million in direct marketing revenue for our clients

Don’t Listen To Us – Listen To Them!

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We had really good responses that we hope to turn into subscriptions. We will no doubt book again soon.

5 Star
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You went above and beyond for us. We had more people turn up to our opening event than we had anticipated.

5 Star
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Printed and distributed our campaign in 4 days. Michael was great to work with too. Good services all-round.

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Do you want to reach your customers on the go? Try our Walking Billboads!

We rent out Walking Billboards (Promowalkers)
for sampling and promotional campaigns
We take your message to the customers in a fun and attention grabbing way. We will help you to reach your customers wherever they are.
We also provide highly trained staff, who can carry walking billboards – rucksack style. At the same time our staff can hand out leaflets, product samples, discount vouchers or provide directions to your promotion site.
Walking Billboards are ideal for busy city centres or sites with limited access.
Use Walking Billboards outside and inside Shops, Trade Shows, Concerts, Sports events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Election Campaigns, and Student Campuses.


Huge impact and brand exposure.
Closer to the point of sale and to the target audience.
Superb for distribution or sampling.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor operation.
Low cost-per-thousand impressions.
Why is it better than a stationary billboard?
People watch other people. As you move past a street preacher, you know what he is talking about and what’s written on his hand-made cardboard posters, but you glance at him anyway.
People watch moving people with even greater attention. So a bored youth standing with the “Golf sale” 0.3 square meter lollipop doesn’t have a chance against our moving stuff with colourful, bigger and better billboard.
Walking billboards are not just advertising, people carrying them also can distribute leaflets, give directions and talk to the customers – many functions for a very reasonable price.
Try our Walking Billboards today!

Calculate the Cost of Your Campaign

Reach local customers today with a targeted and affordable door to door leaflet distribution campaign!

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Professional Leaflet Distribution At Competitive Prices

Leaflet Distribution London

Case Studies

Read how our leaflet advertising campaigns deliver great result for brands like yours!



368% Return on Investment



Increase in traffic & sales



83 leads in the very first week

Discover What Leaflet Distribution Team Can DO For You

At Leaflet Distribution Team, we offer an honest, reliable and professional leaflet distribution service in Walking Billboards that help you reach you target market and grow your business. Having been in the leaflet distribution industry for well ovr 15 years and with 100s of satisfie clients, you can rest assured know you are working with the most trusted brand in the industry.

To learn more about our various print marketing services or to get started call 0208 935 5753 or use our contact form to speak to one of our experience print marketing advisers.

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Other Leaflet Distribution Areas We Cover

We provide our leaflet distribution and marketing services to customers across the capital and the surrounding home counties.

We have been London’s most trusted and reliable leaflet distribution company for almost 2 decades and work with businesses of all sizes across the city. We provide professional leaflet distribution service that is hard to match and take pride in giving all of our clients the same high level of service.

Below you’ll find a list of the areas we cover in London. We also cover other areas in the surrounding counties so if you don’t see your area listed, please feel free to contact us for more information or click here to see a full list of all the areas we cover.

  • Leaflet Distribution in East London
  • Leaflet Distribution in South London
  • Leaflet Distribution in North London
  • Leaflet Distribution in West London
  • Leaflet Distribution in South East London
  • Other Areas We Cover

Please see examples of the types of businesses which benefit from our expertise…


Estate agents

Group 4348

Food Franchises

Group 4347




Group 4381




Group 4380

Car Garege


Health & Beauty

Frequently Asked Questions

For full pricing of our leaflet distribution services, please see our pricing page.

In London our minimum distribution size is 1000 leaflets. For all areas outside London our minimum is 5,000 leaflets.

We’ve developed a well-built system to help put your mind at rest and to give you the best delivery rate possible.

We use GPS tracking devices that update every 5 seconds and show our distributors going up and down the street and even up and down people’s driveways.

Alongside our GPS trackers, we use the latest data by Royal mail, Experian and GeoPlanner for letterbox counts and to estimate the number of flyers required per street. All our campaigns are also supervised by non-distributing

supervisors who constantly provide random spot check on our distributors. This allows us to ensure all your leaflets are being delivered and makes sure they’re being properly posted through every letterbox.

You or your printers can deliver them to us or if you like, we can pick your leaflets up from or your printers, this will be at an additional cost.


Helping you achieve the best response rate from your campaign is key to us, because you’ll probably want to use us again if you achieve a great result!

To help you, we’re always open to trying any of your suggestions. We’ll even make some suggestions of our own, if we believe you could achieve a higher ROI. Just ask our team for more info.

Any company that has a local presence, or that provide a local service would benefit from our services.

Few examples are gyms and personal trainers, estate agents, takeaways & restaurants, mechanics, dealerships, cleaning companies, local authorities and many more.

When people tell us about why they use services like ours, they normally give the following reasons: A new store opening, getting or staying “top of peoples mind”, special offers, political campaigns, brand awareness and so on..

This depends on the distribution method and the quantities involved. We will discuss this with you when you make your booking. However, our policy is always ‘less haste, more quality’.

You bet!

We offer a full in-house service for design and print. Our prices for leaflet printing and the quality of our leaflet design services are very hard to beat. Call us on 0208-935-5753 before you order your printing. We can save you money!

Successful response to a leaflet depends on various factors such as the ‘effectiveness of the leaflet itself’, seasonal influences, the type of product or service you are marketing, whether your leaflet has been delivered on a solus leaflet distribution or shareplan leaflet distribution basis, the size of the market that you are trying to cater for, etc., so there are no ‘typical’ response rates. However, research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that on average, you can expect between 1-2% response rate from your campaign if done correctly. The date also shows that:

62-71% of consumers find door drops useful.

48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as a result of a door drop.

79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops

There are some postcode areas where properties are a lot more spread out than others. These types of areas take longer to complete compared to built-up areas. We can map the area and quote the cost of your campaign depending on the area being targeted.

Call us on 0208 935 5753 or send us a message using the form on the right.

Why leaflet distribution in Horsham

Leaflet distribution remains a highly effective form of advertising.

Businesses of every scope and size can easily distribute various types of leaflets to the largest consumer market in the entire UK.

Simply put, when choosing leaflet distribution in Horsham, you’re guaranteed to have more eyes on your business, products, and services.

Benefits of leaflet distribution in Horsham

There are many benefits of leaflet distribution campaigns in Horsham:

Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Leaflet distribution is still an effective form of marketing that can help achieve your advertising goals while providing a great ROI. Increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and higher traffic to both websites and physical locations.  

Target the Right Demographic

Leaflet distribution in Horsham is not random. We don’t just post leaflets through anyone’s door! It involves extensive market research that pinpoints your target demographic, ensuring your products and services are advertised to the most suitable audience.

This helps to increase the chances of increased leads and sales, meaning a better return on your investment.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Leaflet distribution in Horsham is one of the most affordable forms of advertising available. While effective, digital marketing campaigns require a much higher investment for a business, especially due to ongoing costs.

Printing costs and manpower for effective leaflet distribution in Horsham make it a more cost-effective form of advertising, especially for smaller businesses and start-ups.

Simple but Effective

Leaflets offer a simple yet effective way to advertise goods and services. You can easily market your brand logo, name, website, and location on a single piece of paper. Anyone reading this will immediately be more aware of brand.

Flexible Marketing

Leaflet distribution can be easily tailored to the unique requirements of each business. There are many types of leaflets available, allowing you to target the appropriate audience within your budget. With limitless design options for the leaflets, it’s easy to create a leaflet that matches your branding.  

Types of leaflet distribution campaigns

A great advantage of leaflet distribution campaigns is the number of options available. There are various types of leaflet distribution campaigns, allowing your business to find the right solution for its marketing goals.

Door to door leaflet distribution Horsham

Door to door leaflet distribution is the process of delivering printed leaflets to targeted areas throughout Horsham. Leaflets are posted through the doors and directly into the hands of possible customers.

Door to door leaflet distribution can be further divided into two sub-categories:

Shared leaflet distribution in Horsham

Shared leaflet distribution in Horsham is the process of combining multiple leaflets from various businesses and posting them together through doors. While it does advertise several businesses at once, they are never in competing markets.  

Solus leaflet distribution in Horsham

Solus leaflet distribution is when one or multiple distributed from a single company. These leaflets are not combined with any other business, being the only leaflet that is distributed during the campaign.

Shared leaflet distribution in Horsham vs Solus leaflet distribution

Each type of door-to-door leaflet campaign offers its own benefits, any of which may be suitable for your marketing goals,

For example, shared leaflet distribution has lower costs because it is spread across multiple, non-competing businesses.

Solus leaflet distribution is more expensive but doesn’t feature any other businesses, meaning your brand is the sole focus of the advertising. This helps to increase visibility using a more targeted marketing approach.  

Business to business leaflet distribution in Horsham

Business to business leaflet distribution in Horsham is when a business advertises their goods or services to another business through a targeted leaflet campaign.

Benefits of B2B leaflet distribution

B2B leaflet distribution is an effective way of generating leads to local businesses in Horsham. It’s an affordable form of advertising, with lower running cost than most digital marketing campaigns. This allows you to target local businesses that could be interested in your products and services.

Best practices

B2B leaflet distribution is a competitive marketing, so it’s important to utilize the best practices to ensure its success. Using a trained team of specialists ensures the expect delivery of the leaflets to appropriate businesses.

Tracking the campaign is also essential to ensure effective distribution, allowing you to see exactly what businesses are receiving your leaflets. Receiving post-distribution reports is also one of the best practices, providing a detailed breakdown of the distribution campaign for you to review.  

Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution in Horsham

What is hand-to-hand leaflet distribution

As the name suggests, hand to hand leaflet distribution is the process of delivering leaflets into the hands of consumers. This is commonly utilized at one-off events or specific locations where there may be a large presence of your target demographic.

Benefits of hand-to-hand leaflet distribution in Horsham

The biggest benefit of hand-to-hand leaflet distribution campaigns in Horsham is that the leaflets are guaranteed to be seen by your target audience. When handed a leaflet, most people will read its contents, increasing the likelihood of successful advertising.

Moreover, hand to hand leaflet campaigns is highly targeted, typically occurring at specific locations and events related to your target demographic. Choose the right location for a hand-to-hand leaflet distribution in Horsham and you can significantly increase brand awareness, lead generation, and traffic.

How to choose the correct leaflet distribution service in Horsham

It is important to choose the best leaflet distribution service in Horsham to maximize the success of your marketing campaign. Here are some things to consider when looking for a leaflet distribution service in Horsham:


An experienced leaflet distribution company understands the various nuances of this form of advertising. They know the best practices to ensure effective leaflet distribution, while being able to offer bespoke services tailored to the unique requirements of each business.

With over 15 years in the industry experience, Leaflet Distribution Team has unrivalled leaflet distribution experience in the Horsham area.  

GSP Tracking

GPS tracking is the process of tracking the entire distribution of all leaflets. This is highly recommended for any leaflet distribution campaign, as it allows the business to see exactly where and when their leaflets are distributed.

Leaflet Distribution Team provides full GPS tracking and reporting on all campaigns, ensuring you know all the important data regarding your leaflet distribution in Horsham.

Additional Services

When looking for the best leaflet distribution company, consider what additional leaflet-related services they offer.

It is a good idea to look for companies that also offer leaflet design and leaflet printing, as this indicates they are experienced in all aspects of leaflet advertising. It also means you are likely to save on the costs of design, printing, and distribution by using a single service provider.

Leaflet Distribution offers a full range of leaflet marketing solutions in Horsham, including leaflet distribution, leaflet printing, and leaflet design.  

Areas we cover in Horsham

Areas we cover in Horsham:

  • Leaflet Distribution in East London
  • Leaflet Distribution in South London
  • Leaflet Distribution in North London
  • Leaflet Distribution in West London
  • Leaflet Distribution in South East London

Leaflet Printing in Horsham

Here at Leaflet Distribution Team, not only do we offer leaflet distribution services but also leaflet printing services in Horsham.

Why choose leaflet distribution team for leaflet printing in Horsham

Quality printing

Our in-house printing hardware is the most advanced on the market, allowing us to produce high quality prints with customs designs. Expect eye-catching visuals on high quality paper that makes the right impression to your target audience.

Quick turnaround

Rather than spread your leaflet printing and distribution across several businesses, we can do all the work in-house for a much quicker turnaround. You don’t need to wait for leaflets to be delivered to us for distribution, as we’ll have them ready to go in no time.


We offer cost-effective pricing on leaflet printing, whether you combine it with our design and distribution services or require just printing. Better still, you can calculate the cost of your printing before you pay, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying.

FREE samples available

We understand that our customers want to see the quality of our printing before committing to a large bulk order. Therefore, we offer free printing samples on request, allowing you to see exactly how your leaflets will look in person.

Benefits of printing leaflets in Horsham

Less hassle, More Convenience

By combining your leaflet distribution and printing requirements, you save the hassle of dealing with two different suppliers. This helps to streamline the campaign to ensure a quicker turnaround and a more convenient service.  

Save money on printing

Our leaflet printing service is a great way to save large on your campaign costs. When combining printing with distribution, expect as much as 30% savings compared to using two separate services.

Save money on pickup and delivery

With a single business handling the pickup and delivery of leaflets, you’re reducing costs and making further savings on our advertising campaign.

Save money on storage

Storing leaflets is an often-overlooked cost of leaflet printing and distribution, so by combing this with a single provider there are further savings to be made. Spreading the cost of storage and distribution across several business is a quick way to increase the cost of your print cap guns.

Save time

With a single provider printing and distribution leaflets, you do not need to allocate time and resources loading and unloading leaflets. This lets your team focus on other important aspects of your business.

Leaflet Design Horsham

Leaflet Distribution Team offers a full range of services for leaflet marketing campaigns, including leaflet design in Horsham. If you’re looking for the best leaflet design service in Horsham, look no further than the Leaflet Distribution Team!

Why Leaflet Design in Horsham

Experienced designers

We have an in-house team of experienced, highly skilled graphic designers. Having designed leaflets campaigns from businesses of every scope and size, they’ll create a bespoke design fitting with your brand and marketing goals.

In-house copywriters

Eye-catching graphics only paint half the picture of your business. Our team of in-house copy writers make every word count, creating engaging copy that keeps your audience reading.

Experience in your industry

Our design and writing team have created leaflet campaigns for businesses of every scope and size. We have extensive experience covering the most common industries, along with more niche sectors, allowing them to create bespoke leaflet designs that get the desired results.

Benefits of leaflet design in Horsham

High quality designs

The designers here at Leaflet Distribution Team are the best in their field, with a natural ability to create high quality, bespoke designs. They create visually appealing graphics that catch the eye while spreading your brand.

Designs ready to convert

Designs are ready to convert when you give the approval, so you don’t need to guess the final design.

Unlimited revisions

Collaboration is ongoing process, so our team understands that you may want to revise some aspects of the design. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure that you get exactly what you want from the design of your leaflet.

Quick turnaround

Marketing campaigns operate on tight schedules, so always aim to provide the fastest turnaround possible. Our team of designers have the skills and experience necessary to create high quality designs with a quick turnaround.

Even if revisions are required, we always strive to complete them in a timely manner.

Latest designs and styles

Design trends are constantly changing, so our team stays on top of the latest styles to ensure your leaflet has the perfect look for your audience. Whether you want to follow a design template or utilize a custom design for your leaflet, our team has you covered.