Walking Billboards

Do you want to reach your customers on the go? Try our Walking Billboads!
We rent out Walking Billboards (Promowalkers)
for sampling and promotional campaigns
We take your message to the customers in a fun and attention grabbing way. We will help you to reach your customers wherever they are.
We also provide highly trained staff, who can carry walking billboards – rucksack style. At the same time our staff can hand out leaflets, product samples, discount vouchers or provide directions to your promotion site.
Walking Billboards are ideal for busy city centres or sites with limited access.
Use Walking Billboards outside and inside Shops, Trade Shows, Concerts, Sports events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Election Campaigns, and Student Campuses.

Huge impact and brand exposure.
Closer to the point of sale and to the target audience.
Superb for distribution or sampling.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor operation.
Low cost-per-thousand impressions.
Why is it better than a stationary billboard?
People watch other people. As you move past a street preacher, you know what he is talking about and what’s written on his hand-made cardboard posters, but you glance at him anyway.
People watch moving people with even greater attention. So a bored youth standing with the “Golf sale” 0.3 square meter lollipop doesn’t have a chance against our moving stuff with colourful, bigger and better billboard.
Walking billboards are not just advertising, people carrying them also can distribute leaflets, give directions and talk to the customers – many functions for a very reasonable price.
Try our Walking Billboards today!

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