Whether you’re thinking of moving to London or relocating within London, we will share the safest places the capital has to offer.
If you have the money to invest in a good property in London then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality areas that are also safe. The latter is of paramount importance especially when you have a family, and there are some beautiful leafy suburbs that are within easy reach of the city centre but offer the closest thing you will get to country living in such a central location. You must bear in mind that you can never live anywhere that is 100% safe and common sense plays a big part in it.
Housing in the following areas isn’t cheap, and you would be worried if it was considering the location, but you do get a lot for you money and the ability to walk around without the threat of an unsavoury character appearing out of the shadows is priceless. There are many safe areas to live in London and we have looked at such things as crime rates, public opinion and the general feel of an area to put together the following list of top 10 safest places to live in London.

10 – Notting Hill

This uber trendy area in the prestigious SW1 area was at one time best known for its colourful carnival but is now just about the safest place to live in London. Despite being only a short distance from the city centre there is a laid back ambience about Notting Hill that is hugely appealing. Once heralded as an up and coming area it has greatly exceeded its expectations the variety of beautiful houses in attractive streets has massive kerb appeal.

9 – Marble Arch

This central London area offers a very quiet and relaxing standard of living, but is invariably very expensive. Living in Marble Arch is something many young professionals aspire to and those who finally acquire that much lauded W1 postcode rarely leave. Its well lit, central location is a key factor in its safety and those properties which have been converted into luxury apartments have security systems in place which wouldn’t look out of place at Fort Knox.

8 – Kensington

Although the central London area of Kensington is generally considered to be one of the safest places to live in the capital, the west and south suburbs are the areas which bring the greatest peace of mind to their residents. The whole feel of this area is very quiet and upmarket and while you will invariably pay more for property than areas those who live here will tell you it was worth every penny.

7 – St John’s Wood

St jons
St John’s Wood is a highly desirable suburb within the City of Westminster. Safety is a major player here as it is where many diplomats, both foreign and domestic, choose to make their home. This is a beautiful and affluent area as you would expect from the NW8 postcode. It luxury villa housing is a far cry from the uniform terraces you will find in many other parts of London and this is, quite simply, a lovely place to live.

6 – Primrose Hill

An urban village that gives you the luxury of living in a safe environment within close proximity of the city centre, Primrose Hill is particularly popular with families. With wide expanses of green space, including the famous park the area is named of, it is easy to see why Primrose Hill is so desirable. The crime rate is very low, you can walk around the streets at night and it ticks all the boxes as far as safety is concerned.

5 – Warwick Avenue

Few outside of London will only know Warwick Avenue from the hit song, and this leafy suburb is in the Maida Vale area of the City of Westminster. Within walking distance of Little Venice and Notting Hill, Warwick Avenue is a very beautiful but expensive area popular with business people and affluent families. With a low crime rate and
the freedom to walk around at any time of day or not, there are few places as nice to live in as Warwick Avenue.

4 – Bayswater

Bayswater is the epitome of quiet, and safe  inner city living. With a border on the north end of Hyde Park and another on Oxford street, Bayswater is diverse, elegant and cosmopolitan. There is a sharp contrast here between the bustling hub that is Queensway and the refined diginity of some of the most sought after garden squares in London. While still not cheap, you get more for your money here than in neighbouring Notting Hill or Mayfair, and the high level of safety makes Bayswater the area of choice for many.

3 – Sloane Square

Sloane Square lite up
The spiritual home of the young rich and famous who were nicknamed Sloane Rangers back in the 1980’s. One of the most famous residents was the young Diana Spencer before she became the Princess of Wales and the popularity of area surged after it was revealed she lived there. It is a beautiful area of London with exceptional housing and is a very safe area to live a laid back, peaceful life.

2 – Knightsbridge

Wonderful Knightsbridge has just about the most sought after postcode in all of London and having Harrods as your corner shop can’t be bad either. You cannot get much more central, or expensive in terms of property, than Knightsbridge. The wide avenues and exclusive apartments are the main types of accommodation here and the combination of this and the safety aspect make it highly sought after.

1 – Docklands

One of the newest, and trendiest, developments in the capital, London Docklands has it all. Suitable for residents of every age and boasting luxury housing, a low crime rate and with residents reporting that all important ambience of safety, it is little wonder this area has become so popular so quickly.