GPS Tracked And Fully Supervised Distributions

Having been in the distribution industry for almost a decade we have a question that comes up constantly from our new clients; how do you make sure our leaflets are being delivered properly, which is a fair question to ask considering the number of cowboy leaflet distribution companies in the industry. So here are the numerous ways we ensure your leaflet delivery campaign gets off to a successful start.

Live GPS Monitoring of Your Campaign

Live GPS Monitoring

At Leaflet Distribution Team, we know you wouldn’t just hand over your leaflets to any Tom, Dick and Harry that has a bag and bit of time on their hands if you want a realistic return on your investment. That’s why we don’t allow untrained, unverified leaflet distributors that do not care about the quality of their work to lay a finger on your leaflets.

We only trust your leaflets with vetted and in-house trained distributors that care about the success of your campaign and the quality of their work. On top of this, we use live GPS trackers on all of our distributors that digitally monitor their movement and activity every 5 seconds.

Our live GPS tracking system allows us to monitor the door to door movement of every distributor so they are not missing any doors, streets or parts of your distribution map.

The GPS trackers also ensure all the distributors stick to their distribution zones by vibrating in their pockets step out of their designated distribution zone. The trackers also alert the on-site distribution manager as well as your campaign manager in our main office.

All of this ensures your campaign goes as smoothly as possible and we leave no room for errors. At the end of the campaign, we will send you an itemised reporting of your campaign.

How Do We Ensure Your Leaflets Get Delivered Properly?

1# Campaign integration & Planning

When we get your campaign we digitally integrate your map into our live tracking and verification system. We set the boundaries to ensure we are notified within seconds if any of the distributors delivering your campaign steps out of the set distribution zone so that our on-field distribution manager can correct it immediately. The campaign is then allocated to one of our highly experienced field distribution managers and his/her team.

2# Live Monitoring And Updates

The activity is monitored live by our team in the office as well as the on-field distribution manager. This allows the whole team to be in sync to ensure you are given up to the minute reporting should you need an update at any time during your campaign.

3# Campaign Reporting To Show Proof Of Delivery

Once your campaign is done, we will send you a report on how many leaflets were delivered, on what day, the streets they were delivered to as well as any missed houses.

Our system allows us to give you information regarding all aspects of your campaign as verification of delivery as well as data to help you improve and tweak your future campaigns.

4# Ride With The Distribution Manager To See The Distribution from the ground

As one of the pioneers of leaflet distribution tracking, along with our other quality control measures we invite all our clients to come along on what we call the ‘Ride With The Manager’ service.

You’ll be able to join one of our highly trained and experienced distribution supervisors on your campaign to see for yourself how we monitor and track to ensure your leaflets are delivered accordingly during your campaign. You’ll be able to witness firsthand, the groundwork we put in to make sure all your leaflets are delivered to the correct areas, streets and houses you wish to target.

5# Fully Supervised Leaflet Distribution Teams

Our leaflet distribution teams consist of 4-5 externally vetted, in-house trained leaflet distributors that work together as a team to deliver each campaign expertly. As well as being tracked via GPS, all our distribution teams are managed and monitored by on-site distribution managers.

Our on-site distribution managers are the link between our team in the office and on the ground. They are there to monitor the progress of our distributors, the distribution campaign and manage the quality of delivery. They carry tablets with monitoring software to monitor the GPS of each member of the distribution team.

They work with their members to ensure everything is going accordingly and to deal with any issues that may arise during the campaign. They also perform other quality control tasks such as backtracking (see below), reloading distributors with leaflets when they run out and liaise with local residents.

6# Backtracking for quality assurance

As an extra quality control measure, all our campaigns are backtracked by our distribution supervisors.
During distribution, each distributor is set a number of roads to cover.

Our distribution managers then go back to those roads and randomly check 10 houses on each street to ensure:
1) The leaflets were delivered
2) Only one leaflet per house had been delivered
3) The leaflets were pushed through letterboxes properly
4) There weren’t any disturbances, and to gain feedback from residents.
Doing these kinds of checks help us deliver better campaigns for you, ensures our work is done to a high standard, while also making sure you do not get complaints from unhappy residents.

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