Parking Company Case Study

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The Case

This client was searching for new way to target Central London drivers. They needed to grow their customer base and get more drivers using their parking facilities.

They suggested handing out flyers to people out and about near their facilities.

The Solution

We knew from our vast experience that the client’s original ideas were too vague, and a more targeted strategy needed to be implemented.

After taking a close look at their leaflets, we decided they could be improved. We thought targeting cars rather than people would be a better solution so started coming up with ideas for new designs.

The client didn’t want us to use the leaflets they already had using these methods but did want us to run a test campaign with new leaflets. They agreed we should design brand new flyers and deliver them using our methods.

What happened next?

We came up with new leaflets designed to resemble parking tickets. These flyers warned drivers that they could be met with a genuine parking ticket in the future.

The new flyers featured a robust call to action as well as a discount code and a map of the area’s various parking facilities.

After mapping out all the paid parking bays in the company’s network of car parks, we decide to only target vehicles that didn’t have parking permits.

The Result

The customer gained more than 83 leads in the very first week. This was a significant improvement to the 4 leads they received with the previous campaign.

After witnessing the campaign’s success, the company assigned to run all their campaigns, not only in Central London but in parts of Reading and Brighton too.

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