Need some hand to hand leaflet distribution? Well, we understand the importance of promoting your company professionally to your customers when handing out your flyers. That is why we’ve trained our promotional staff to do more than just hand out flyers.

They will reflect the true essence of your business through the way they walk, talk and communicate with your audience. Using their specialised communication skills, they will become ambassadors of your brand. Our hand to hand leaflet distribution team can help your brand stand out and drive your message home.


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hand to hand leaflet distributionhand to hand leaflet distribution

Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution London

At Leaflet Distribution Team, we offer targeted hand to hand leaflet distribution London and the surrounding counties. If you want to target a specific train station or a busy high street in your area, we can organise an effective hand to hand leaflet distribution campaign that targets your specific demographic.

Get in touch with is today to find out more about our hand to hand leaflet distribution in London and the surrounding areas. All our hand to hand promoters are highly trained and professional. We can even organise branded clothing so your campaign has an element of professionalism and to help you stand out from the crowded market.

Hand to Hand Distribution: 

How it Works

  • We’ve hand-picked a team of energetic, professional, experienced promotional staff, who have all gone through rigorous training to have the know-how and the confidence to seek out and engage with your target audience
  • Our highly trained staff will represent your company by wearing your own branded clothing or costumes
  • We select the most suitable people for the campaign and we will always find the right staff for you.
  • We fully brief our staff on every aspect of your campaign and pass on any key lines and messages you want them to publicise, guaranteeing your true representation is always their priority
  • We create a bespoke timetable of specific shifts built entirely around your campaign and vision
  • We advise you on where and when to target your audience, so they are at their most receptive
  • Provide a full feedback report with pictures, quotes, and recommendations for future campaigns.

Hand to Hand DistributionHand to Hand Distribution

With the rise in technology and the advent of social media, you may wonder why do I need street promotion? As we connect to our customers via social media, it may sound strange to say, but we are losing the personal touch with them.

Street promotion puts you back in contact with your customers on a one-to-one basis. It puts a face to the company and gives your company a human touch. They’re tired of seeing your regular Facebook posts, the constant tweets, and the impersonal commercial advertisements.

Commercials can be ignored, turned off, or seen merely as background distractions, but when another living person makes eye contact while handing out an attractive, professionally designed flyer that represents your services or business, it has a much more profound effect on an individual. That’s why hand to hand leaflet distribution works and it is well received too by the public.

Benefits of Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution

  • People are more likely to remember your company with street promotion
  • Customers get the platform to have their questions answered
  • They also get to find out more about your business
  • Makes customers feel valued
  • Gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base
  • Lets you reach out to even more customers

Your customers are out there waiting for you to talk to them. Boost your business with street promotion NOW.

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