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Our Leaflet Distribution Services

Data-Driven Leaflet Distribution Campaigns That Drive Customers Directly to Your Brand

Leaflet Distribution

Door To Door

One of the most cost-effective, targeted marketing solutions any business can use to promote their business.

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Business To Business

Target local businesses with our business to business leaflet distribution service.

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Hand To Hand

Our promotional staff do much more than just hand out flyers - They are walking billboards.

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Our Quality Control Measures

Learn how all our leaflet distribution campaigns are monitored and tracked

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Live GPS Monitoring

At leaflet Distribution Team, we know you wouldn’t just hand over your leaflets to any Tom, Dick and I larry that has a bag.

Supervised Team

Supervised Teams

Our leaflet distribution teams consist of 4-5 externally vetted, in house trained leaflet distributors that work together as a team to deliver each campaign expertly.



As an extra quality control measure all our campaigns are backtracked by our distribution supervisors to ensure quality of distribution for every leafleting campaign.

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30% More Responses

On average we get 30% more responses And leads for our partners

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98% Retention Rate

We are in it for the long run – 98% of our clients stay for the long haul


£200+ Million in Revenue

We’ve driven £200+ million in direct marketing revenue for our clients

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“You went above and beyond for us. We had more people turn up to our opening event than we had anticipated.”

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“Printed and distributed our campaign in 4 days. Michael was great to work with too. Good services all-round.”

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London Leaflet Distribution

Why Choose Leaflet Distribution In Dagenham

Leaflet distribution in Dagenham is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business or brand to people who have never heard about you. All it takes is a well-targeted leaflet campaign and you get not only to go viral in your locality but you also get a great return on investment. This will definitely leave a good impression on those who interact with your campaign message.

There is more to a leaflet campaign than just sharing colorful pieces of paper. At LDT, we focus on strategy. Everything must follow a plan so that our client has an effective marketing experience. At the end of the day, we want you to stand out from every other brand in the letterbox.

At LDT, we know that every customer is unique. They have different wants, needs, tastes and preferences. That is why we delve deeper into your campaign. It is all about precision and we get it right, which means the right postcode area will respond positively to your CTA.

LDT Leaflet Distribution In Dagenham

At LDT, we provide an honest, reliable, professional and unique leaflet delivery service.

For over 20 years, we have helped local businesses establish themselves via direct marketing. This has made us one of the top names when it comes to successful leaflet campaigns.. We bring to the table knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas that will drive your campaigns to the next level. We aim to please and bring a 360-degree significant change to the industry.

We specialise in door-to-door distribution of leaflets, flyers and brochures in the Dagenham area for purposes of advertising businesses, authorities and events.

Process Section

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Types of Leaflet Delivery in Dagenham

There are three types of leaflet distribution in Dagenham that LDT can provide you, each using targeted postcodes.

Leaflet Distribution Acton

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Dagenham

Door-to-door leaflet distribution is one of the best ways to initiate your direct marketing efforts. It is the best way of advertising your business in your local area. Not only do you get good returns but also you will have your leaflets dropped in the areas they are supposed to thanks to precision targeting. This works for those who want an audience that is highly likely to respond to your CTA positively. Having been a huge stakeholder in the leaflet distribution industry, we confidently advise our clients not to overlook the use of leaflets in their marketing campaigns.

With our door-to-door delivery services, you can be confident that your leaflet campaign will be a success. All drops will be completed precisely, and thanks to our live GPS monitoring feature, you can check in on us at any time.

You can even refuse to take our word for it. Simply take a ride with our manager. They enjoy providing clients with complimentary rides to the field so they can see for themselves how our team goes above and beyond. In addition, to live GPS tracking and free rides, we provide you with a campaign report at the end of your campaign. This report includes information such as the number of leaflets distributed, the postcode areas covered, and any homes or places that were overlooked.

Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution Dagenham

Want to breathe new life into your campaigns? The best way to accomplish this is to engage in a hand-to-hand campaign. You will be provided with branded walking human ambassadors who will interact with audiences on your behalf. This is excellent for optics, and you will build a strong rapport with the audience.

Our understanding of a hand-to-hand campaign is all about allowing you to set up everything with our team. You will be presented the way you want your brand or business to be seen in the public eye. Our team is flexible enough, we aim to please and are professional while at it.

Business-to-business leaflet distribution Dagenham

A business-to-business drop is obviously not done in a residential area. The first order of business is to find suitable locations for the drop. Although many offices lack a letterbox, our professionally trained field staff usually approaches the front desk.

At first glance, approaching businesses may appear to be a bad idea, but this is one of the best places to get noticed and make a good impression. You only need to work with a team that is familiar with this territory.

In short, there really is nobody better qualified to head your leaflet distribution in Dagenham than LDT. 

The most important thing about working with our team is that you’re going to have complete control over everything and you’re always going to know what’s going on. That’s because we don’t just give you live GPS monitoring of your campaign. We also give complete back checking of every campaign. That means a supervisor is going to go through every area that our team is supposed to go to and make sure that they’ve actually done what they were supposed to do. Just look at all the services we offer and you’re going to know that we’re the right fit for your campaign.

Cheap Leaflet Printing Dagenham- Stand out from the rest!

We offer locally based Dagenham leaflet printing with fast turnaround, so we can have your leaflet print order ready the same day or within 24 hours. We offer same-day delivery to any London postcode, including offices and hotels, or you can come and collect your leaflets from our shop – conveniently in the west end. Printing leaflets and flyers in London has never been so convenient.

Our leaflets are printed in full colour and we can produce any custom size – common or standard sizes are A3, A4, A5, A6, & A7. You can choose between single- and double-sided leaflet printing and either high-quality glossy or matte paper.

Leaflet design and printing Dagenham

LDT takes pride in collaborating with our clients. We make certain that you get it right from the start. Our fantastic in-house design team will ensure that your leaflets turn heads and generate leads. We have a team that can assist you with strategy, planning, and the creative process. Consider us a one-stop-shop for all of your leaflet distribution campaigns.

Case Studies

Read how our leaflet advertising campaigns deliver great result for brands like yours!



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Leaflet Distribution Dagenham

We offer our leaflet distribution and marketing solutions to clients throughout Dagenham and the surrounding home counties.

We have been Dagenham's most trusted and reliable leaflet distribution company for almost two decades, serving businesses of all sizes across the town. Our professional leaflet distribution service is hard to match, and we take pride in providing every client with the same exceptional level of service.

Calculate The Cost Of Your Campaign Less Than 30 Seconds!

Get instant online prcing for your leaflet distribution campaign with a few clicks

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