Business To Business Leaflet Distribution

Are you a business in and around the London area, looking for a professional, high-quality business-to-business leaflet distribution company? Well you are in luck! Leaflet Distribution Team has already helped numerous companies connect to thousands of potential clients.
We will help you target potential customers and make you the process of acquiring new business professional and fast. We will even help you design and print the branded promotional material needed to make your campaign successful.
We three types of services available for those who require B2B flyer distribution service.
Blanket Service
If you’re looking to spread your message over a particular area to the maximum extent possible, then the Blanket Service is the one for you. Our Blanket Service is specially designed to increase business awareness as well as business turnover rate, and it’s very simple to get started.
All you have to do is pick the location, and our highly trained professional business-to-business distribution teams will distribute your flyers to every business in that area. After your flyers have been deployed to the maximum extent as possible, we will send you a detailed analysis of the area that was covered by the distributors, as well as any incident reports and a full list of businesses that received your flyers.

  1. Increase business awareness
  2. Spread your flyer across a whole area
  3. Receive a full detailed analysis of the area covered
  4. Get a full list of businesses that received your flyer
  5. Highly trained distribution service

This is a great choice for getting the word out or testing an area for potential partners and clients.
Comprehensive Service
With the Comprehensive Service, not only do enjoy all the benefits of the Blanket Service, you also get access to some of our exclusive distribution options such as:

  1. Full integration into your company (consider our employees yours)
  2. Added branding / marketing efforts (we will wear your uniforms and even print them for you if you need)

This is the perfect choice for B2B distribution, which requires a large sales force, and distributing to businesses on an enterprise level that expect to see large sales forces and a more professional effort from potential partners and clients.
Bespoke Service
Our Blanket and Comprehensives Services are ideal if you’re looking to spread your message across a large area, but if you already know who your target demographic is, you can save time and money by focusing your distribution effort specifically on them.
With our Bespoke Service, we offer just that. All you have to do is choose the parameters and the geographic location, and we’ll focus our leaflet distribution efforts with the best distribution agents available.