EasyGroup Case Study

EasyGroup is one of the biggest companies in Europe with multiple businesses in multiple industries, and countries. They came to us when they needed help marketing and promoting their new bus service.

As with all our clients, we took our time to get to know their business, corporate values and the message they were hoping to convey. We worked hard to identify suitable solutions before implementing them and experiencing exceptional results.

Client goals

The client wanted to promote their new concept effectively, introduce their services to customers in specific locations and boost brand awareness.

We were able to use our existing market experience and some of the various marketing techniques we have at our disposal to bring them the outcome they desired.

The Solutions

The solutions we came up with included defining the client’s target audience, looking at high footfall areas and best times and using branded clothing and printed materials.

We were also able to promote their service via our interactive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable promotions team.

The Outcome

The campaign led to a vast increase in website traffic and social media followers, a significant jump in search volume, a rise in online brand mentions and a boost in sales.

The client benefited from an exceptional return-on-investment after asking for our help with boosting exposure levels and sales results.

Why Choose Leaflet Distribution Team?

We have vast experience when it comes to building effective marketing campaigns for transport companies as well as businesses from a wide array of sectors.

We can make your marketing budget go further. Choose us and you’ll be able to benefit from the skills of some of the most creative minds in the industry and get closer to your target audience.

We drive sales by utilising a range of innovative techniques designed to bring you the best possible results.

You can count on us to take time to get to know you, your business goals and your target audience, coming up with marketing solutions that appeal to your customers brilliantly.

You’re more than welcome to drop us a line at any point if you need an update on how your campaign is developing.

A Real Return-on-Investment

Our campaigns represent a remarkable return-on-investment. We are passionate about seeing our clients succeed.

Furthermore, our clients only ever need to pay for services that they need. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term marketing assistance, you can count on us to deliver the powerful and effective campaigns that your business needs to prosper. Get in touch today.

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