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Fitness studio case study

leaflet distribution fitness company case study

The Case

A local fitness company got in touch with us after being let down by another leaflet distribution service.
They had 27,000 leaflets left over from a 50,000 leaflet campaign and needed to get them out to the public to avoid wasting vast resources and increase brand awareness. These leaflets had been sitting in the offices of the other company for more than three months, despite the fact the company agreed a delivery period of six weeks. This client was left feeling not only disappointed but anxious about getting the leaflets out at the earliest opportunity. The leaflets referred to offers that were on the cusp of expiring. The client needed to get the remaining leaflets out within a fortnight.

The Solution

We needed to adhere to our own quality control procedures and stick to our high delivery percentage. Our team needed to work hard to get the leaflets out quickly and ensure clients were given enough notice to take advantage of offers before they expired.
We instructed one of our in-house distribution teams to get the leaflets out whilst taking the utmost care and adhering to the highest standards of quality. A dedicated quality control manager oversaw the assignment to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The Result

The remaining leaflets were dispatched to potential customers within ten days. 97.3% of the leaflets were sent out on the first round, with the other 3.8% reaching letterboxes just a few days after. The client ended up receiving more enquiries within the first six days than they had during the three months the other company were looking after the leaflets.
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