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30% More Responses

30% More Responses

On average we get 30% more responses And leads for our partners

98% Retention Rate

98% Retention Rate

On average we get 30% more responses And leads for our partners

£200+ Million in Revenue

£200+ Million in Revenue

On average we get 30% more responses And leads for our partners

Don’t Listen To Us – Listen To Them!

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“We had really good responses that we hope to turn into subscriptions. We will no doubt book again soon.”
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“You went above and beyond for us. We had more people turn up to our opening event than we had anticipated.”
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“Printed and distributed our campaign in 4 days. Michael was great to work with too. Good services all-round.”
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High Quality Door To Door Leaflet Distribution London

Flyer Distribution London

Business to Business leaflet campaigns are the best to use if you’re looking for a wonderful strategy to advertise your company to other businesses in London and the nearby areas. One of the best leaflet distribution businesses in the UK, LDT offers quick, efficient, and high-calibre leaflet drop services. Straightforward business with no hidden fees. You only need to check our real-time online pricing.

We provide our B2B clients with a list of businesses within the London area that they would be interested in. Once the client chooses businesses that compliment theirs or would like to partner with, our experienced B2B distribution team takes over the task. One of the main advantages of business-to-business leaflet distribution is that your marketing leaflets are delivered on their own to businesses you have identified as potential customers for your business.

Although it is possible to take a Do It Yourself strategy, a serious firm will almost always seek professional advice on these matters.. Someone with a track record, expertise, and proof that it works is required. Working with experts like LDT has another major benefit in that we are legally permitted to promote your business wherever we go as we’ve developed close relations with local authorities and hold all the necessary permits.

We have a sizable clientele that loves our service. For more than 20 years, we have put in a lot of effort to make sure that our clients receive only the best. Do not be shocked to learn that we distributed the majority of the leaflets to businesses in London. Our services are thorough and reasonably priced. Quality and results are vouching for your business at LDT.

We are proud of our work quality. Our services are dependable, open, and most importantly the result of the combined efforts of a completely qualified and professional workforce. In addition to receiving extensive training, our staff is brimming with original ideas that are excellent for strategy and design.

Door to door

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We Put Your Message In The Right Hands
  • You get to know who your actual customer is
  • You will be able to build a strategy that is relevant to them
  • You will craft a leaflet copy that hits home
  • You will be able to know where to do your drops
  • You will be able to budget for your campaign accordingly

Our staff will work with you to determine who your customers are, what they have in common, and what aspects of your company would be appealing to them. No more shadowboxing and wasting money on marketing with no return on investment. Our B2B personnel are skilled at distributing your leaflets to targeted businesses in the designated postcode region. What are you waiting for? LDT is ready to get London owned businesses searching for your company.

Door to door

So, what demographics do you have in mind? Okay, so you just want to connect with a sizable number of businesses in the London region but are unable to identify them? In order to pinpoint precisely who your potential customers are, we will work with you to establish a demographic profile. Why is it crucial to have a demographic profile? Having a demographic profile, you can accomplish the following:

Door to door
Let Us Plan Your Next Leafleting Campaign

We value strategy because it serves as the foundation for all of our campaigns. We will assist you in strategising and planning how to carry out your campaign. Because you are not selling to every business, the demographic profile assists us in identifying your actual customers. We’ll take care of the licensing and even print your leaflets. 

We know that approaching other businesses might seem tricky but it is not impossible. We have trained our staff for this. They approach businesses with great diligence and will speak professionally to the person in charge. Most businesses store leaflets for future reference. Their customers might as well interact with your leaflets and offer you business opportunities.

Contact us today and let us assist you in realizing your marketing goals.

Affordable London Leaflet Distribution

Affordable Door to Door London Leaflet Distribution

We cover all of London and its environs; in short, we control leaflet distribution in London. Now that you know we’ve been doing a good job, you can trust us with all of your leaflet distribution campaigns. Your leaflets will always be delivered to the correct business address. Why are we so certain of this? To track all of our employees, we have purchased premium GPS monitoring software and hardware. This allows you to check in on us whenever you want.

Our managers provide clients with complimentary rides to the field so they can observe how their drops are carried out. Our supervisors also accompany our field staff during drops. LDT performs back checks prior to any drop, and we also provide you with a report that covers every aspect of the campaign, such as the area covered, how they were covered, and so on. Every leaflet finds a permanent home with us. There are no shortcuts, and the number of leads we generate for our clients demonstrates this.

There’s no need to get bogged down with endless leaflet distribution tasks; LDT will save the day. When it comes to reaching out to specific business audiences. For over 20 years, we have successfully assisted businesses of all sizes in reaching out to current and potential clients. We know the best methods to use, and we continue to strive to outperform our public record because the best continue to learn and innovate.

We will handle the entire leaflet campaign process thanks to our in-house team. We will help you with the following:

  • Demographic profiles
  • Strategy and planning
  • Precision targeting
  • Design
  • Leaflet copy
  • Printing
  • Distribution

Still reading? Now you know that there is no one better than LDT to handle all your leaflet distribution campaigns. We speak London better than any other name out there. Contact us today for a free quote or for more information about our services.

No matter the number of leaflets, we are here to deliver hash tag, #Campaign Success.

Talk to us today and let us get London and its environs responding to your CTA.

Door to door

Our Quality Control Measures

Learn how all our leaflet distribution campaigns are monitored and tracked

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Live GPS Monitoring

At leaflet Distribution Team, we know you wouldn’t just hand over your leaflets to any Tom, Dick and I larry that has a bag.

Supervised Team

Supervised Teams

Our leaflet distribution teams consist of 4-5 externally vetted, in house trained leaflet distributors that work together as a team to deliver each campaign expertly.



As an extra quality control measure all our campaigns are backtracked by our distribution supervisors to ensure quality of distribution for every leafleting campaign.

Professional Leaflet Distribution At Competitive Prices

Leaflet Distribution London

Case Studies

Read how our leaflet advertising campaigns deliver great result for brands like yours!



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83 leads in the very first week

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Frequently Asked Questions

For full pricing of our leaflet distribution services, please see our pricing page.

In London our minimum distribution size is 1000 leaflets. For all areas outside London our minimum is 5,000 leaflets.

We’ve developed a well-built system to help put your mind at rest and to give you the best delivery rate possible.

We use GPS tracking devices that update every 5 seconds and show our distributors going up and down the street and even up and down people’s driveways.

Alongside our GPS trackers, we use the latest data by Royal mail, Experian and GeoPlanner for letterbox counts and to estimate the number of flyers required per street. All our campaigns are also supervised by non-distributing

supervisors who constantly provide random spot check on our distributors. This allows us to ensure all your leaflets are being delivered and makes sure they’re being properly posted through every letterbox.

You or your printers can deliver them to us or if you like, we can pick your leaflets up from or your printers, this will be at an additional cost.


Helping you achieve the best response rate from your campaign is key to us, because you’ll probably want to use us again if you achieve a great result!

To help you, we’re always open to trying any of your suggestions. We’ll even make some suggestions of our own, if we believe you could achieve a higher ROI. Just ask our team for more info.

Any company that has a local presence, or that provide a local service would benefit from our services.

Few examples are gyms and personal trainers, estate agents, takeaways & restaurants, mechanics, dealerships, cleaning companies, local authorities and many more.

When people tell us about why they use services like ours, they normally give the following reasons: A new store opening, getting or staying “top of peoples mind”, special offers, political campaigns, brand awareness and so on..

This depends on the distribution method and the quantities involved. We will discuss this with you when you make your booking. However, our policy is always ‘less haste, more quality’.

You bet!

We offer a full in-house service for design and print. Our prices for leaflet printing and the quality of our leaflet design services are very hard to beat. Call us on 0208-935-5753 before you order your printing. We can save you money!

Successful response to a leaflet depends on various factors such as the ‘effectiveness of the leaflet itself’, seasonal influences, the type of product or service you are marketing, whether your leaflet has been delivered on a solus leaflet distribution or shareplan leaflet distribution basis, the size of the market that you are trying to cater for, etc., so there are no ‘typical’ response rates. However, research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that on average, you can expect between 1-2% response rate from your campaign if done correctly. The date also shows that:

62-71% of consumers find door drops useful.

48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as a result of a door drop.

79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops

There are some postcode areas where properties are a lot more spread out than others. These types of areas take longer to complete compared to built-up areas. We can map the area and quote the cost of your campaign depending on the area being targeted.

Call us on 0208 935 5753 or send us a message using the form on the right.