Looking for window cleaning leaflets to stand out from the market and help you attract more customers? In this article, we will go through what it takes to put together a winning leaflet and how to market your window cleaning business.

The development and use of leaflets for all types of services and information were developed long before modern times and using window cleaning leaflets is a perfect way to get your new business off the ground.

It was an easy way to spread political information and information about possible work assignments. The times haven’t changed much. For much of the United Kingdom, it is still the perfect way to send information about a new business or to let local citizens know about a limited time offer.

Why use window cleaning leaflets?

The development and distribution of leaflets is a perfect way to advertise for your small business.

While the modern world has a lot of different marketing techniques to use to deliver the results you want the costs associated with them are higher and if you have a new business you will want to keep your costs moderate to low to start out with. 

Using leaflets to spread information about your new window cleaning service is a cost-effective way to start advertising about your business. This is what is known as direct marketing.

It is also known as leafleting or door to door marketing. It is a good way to offer services locally where you will be operating and it is a particularly good way to spread the word that your business is open and ready for customers.

It can also be a way to keep customers returning by offering special discounts and coupons for those returning customers. It also almost guarantees new customers will at least see your advertisement.

What about design?

To make your advertising as effective as possible you will need to create a leaflet that will catch the eye with the designs it has. It will also need to have a clear message about the services offered.

The entire leaflet will need to look and sound professional in the tone of the message and the tone should be telling the customer it is time to take action.

This action can include incentives like coupons and limited time offers. Planning your leaflet will also mean knowing your targeted population or distribution location.

If your services are being directed towards cleaning corporate windows it will not need to inform the reader of cleaning the windows of children. The entire round of leaflets and responses can be measured for their success through the number of customers that you will be receiving.

If your numbers go up, then it did work. You can also add survey information that will ask the same thing on any paperwork your clients will need to fill out to retain your services.

How to distribute your window cleaning leaflets

How you distribute your window cleaning leaflets is the most important part of your whole action. There are several things you can do to maximse your success. 

You can distribute them yourself or have one of your staff do it. If you hire a company to make them for you, they often will add delivery services as one of the options of retaining their services.

If this is the case, you will need to make sure that the people they have doing the delivery will do so in a way that makes your business look good. There are plenty of leaflet drop companies around the United Kingdom deliver large amounts of leaflets to whatever location you choose.

Leaflet Distribution Team does flyer delivery based on your post codes and target demographics. This type of delivery is known as a solus leaflet distribution.

It allows for large groups of people to be targeted through door drops and if you know the area well you will improve the number of people responding by making sure those streets get your door to door leaflet distribution.

Printing your window cleaning leaflets

When printing your door drops, you will want to consider the most cost-effective options, but also what would present your business in the best light. 

With the modern printers you would be able to print high-quality leaflet using your own business printer if you want to keep the cost down. 

You will need to use high-quality paper and be ready to check the quality of flyers as they are being printed. If flyers get smeared with ink or ends up being printed incorrectly, it will not look professional or represent your business well. 

There are companies that can help you design and print your door drops. This will add a bit more to your flyer distribution, but you will get a quality product that reflects well on your business. 

They would also be able to recommend how you could improve your flyer so it will be received better. They are professionals so they should be able to help you upgrade your product.

Top 10 Window Cleaning Leaflet Exampls

1. Straight to the Point 

This window cleaning leaflet has all the importing information about their services bulleted and they have the contact information clearly listed at the bottom.

The colors are bold and stand out from the page and make it easy to catch the potential client and make them know what kinds of services are provided. What this flyer is missing is a picture to help grab the reader. Too much information and not enough of a hook.

Window cleaning leaflets example 1

2. The bubbles simple design 

This flyer is simple and to the point and the bubble imagery with the widow cleaning cartoon person makes this message stand out. It is simple and the words jump out from the page as to what their service is.

They also list the contact information prominently so that it makes it easy for customers to contact them for more information if they require it. What detracts from this flyer is its lack of information. It has nothing beyond the picture to recommend it. More information is needed for better clarity.

Window cleaning leaflets

3. The Attention Grabber

This is a perfect example of the use of a picture to pull the people into reading the entire window cleaning flyer. It also has its services clearly listed near the bottom with check marks to make their messages clean, simple and straightforward. 

This is almost a perfect flyer except it is never good to display the name of the company more clearly than the window cleaning message. The company is secondary to what they are able to do for their customers.

Window cleaning leaflet

4. The creative

This is a very simple message and image. It gets straight to the point. Prices are listed and the visual imagery is perfect with the raindrop high lighting the price as well as their cleaning service.

It looks professional and it is easily readable without too much information. What detracts from this one is the way the lettering is white. It makes it hard to read and stand out from the background.

window cleaning leaflets 4

5. The Wordy

This leaflet is a little wordy, but it gets the point across for its services. The company and the contact information are clearly listed and their information is clear. 

Their message, while done in white is offset by their background which helps it stand out from the card. It attracts the eye with the larger fonts and reminds the customers of its message.

The main problem with this door-drop is that there is too much information with too many pictures. It does not invite people to read more.

Window cleaning leaflet

6. Generic But Effective

This is a simple clean message. The words stand out from the page and the background makes one think of clean water.

The contact information is easily located above the clearly listed work product they perform. This flyer is not interesting to look at.

In fact, it looks very generic even though it was put together correctly.

window cleaning leaflets

7. Well Put Together

This is another clear example of services offered clearly with the prices and discounts made clearly visible. 

The visual imagery of a home appearing as it is being cleaned stands out with the name of the company clearly visible in bold dark wording.

What detracts from the flyer is the amount of wording. It is not very simple in its appearance and does not encourage people to read more.

window cleaning leaflet

8. The Visually

This flyer not only stands out it lists additional information about how they stand out with their equipment. It is a simple flyer with a clear message. 

It also has plenty of contact information listed at the bottom of the flyer. While this flyer gets mostly too the point, they still added too much information. It seems overloaded for the flyer.

window cleaning leaflets 8

9. The Dark Force

This flyer uses darker colors with white font. It helps the font stand out so the message is as clear as the services listed. 

Their contact information is clearly listed and it is professionally done to make the business appear professional. It does have its log displayed more prominently than the rest of its information. That in itself is a detractor.

Window Cleaning Leaflets

10. The Squeaky Clean

This image stands out clearly as it looks like it has been cleaned with soap. It helps emphasize the message about window clearing with their main services listed in large bold letters matched by their contact information.

It is a clean image which shows what the company does in simple visual imagery. Though its best feature, the picture does detract from the information listed on the flyer it stands out more than the most important information.

window cleaning leaflets

Advertising Ideas for Window Cleaning

When it comes to advertising your window cleaning business, there are few things you can do to make your door drop stand out.

As stated above, make sure it is simple and that your services stand out clearly from your advertisement. You want them to remember you later so it needs to be unique.

It should also look as professional as possible. If you are just starting out and on a tight budget, it is ok to go more simple, but if you are well established, you should be able to invest in your own advertising more.

It is your business so it is up to you to know how much you should be able to invest in your own advertising. It is recommended you go more for more of a professional look even if you are one person cleaning team. It is easy to keep the costs down with simple designs and limited words.

It is worth taking the time to work on how your message appears to the average person reading it for the first time.

Hope this helps you come up with some good window cleaning leaflets that get your branding right and attract more business.

If you need help with leaflet distribution, design or print, don't hesitate to contact one of our helpful distribution specialists today.