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Why Real World Marketing is Still Effective


With the prevalence of digital marketing and social media, it can be easy to ignore the role of physical, or “real world” marketing.

Whilst digital marketing can be very effective when done properly, real world marketing still has a big role to play and you could be losing a lot of business if you’re not using it.
With this in mind, I thought it would be useful to look at some tried and tested real world marketing techniques to help promote your business.

Effective Real World Marketing Techniques

Business Cards

Business Cards
Every business owner should have business cards printed but using them to spread the world about your business requires more than just handing them out to people you meet. You should also send out business cards with any orders placed as well as putting them on bulletin boards where appropriate.

Another extremely important aspect of a business card is how it looks and feels. You want to create the best impression possible when people see your business card and the best way to do this is by making sure it’s well designed and printed on high quality stock.

If you’re not a designer yourself, then it’s well worth hiring a professional to work on your business card design. They’ll be able to take your brand colours and imagery and use them to make an attractive design.

Leaflet Marketing

Leaflet marketing is what we do. Because of this we’re better qualified than most to tell you that leaflet marketing is every bit as effective as it’s ever been.

If you think about it, this makes sense. Whilst digital marketing is great for promotion and increasing brand awareness, leaflet marketing is a very direct way of promoting your products and services.

 Whilst you might think that most people will put any leaflets they get through the door in the bin, this actually isn’t the case. The great thing about a leaflet is that people can see what it is you’re advertising instantly.

They don’t have to open anything or jump through any hoops, which means they can decide quickly whether it’s of interest to them or not. As far as real world marketing techniques go, leaflet marketing has a lot going for it – it’s cheap, easy to scale up and proven to be effective.

Public Speaking

public speak
You might not think of public speaking as a form of real world advertising but it’s actually an incredibly effective way of getting the word out about your brand.

Whilst it’s not for everyone, if you’re not daunted by speaking in front of an audience then you should strongly consider public speaking as a means of advertising.


Whilst digital marketing is only going to get bigger, it’s important to maintain a balance between your online and offline marketing efforts. By combining the two, you give yourself the best chance of success and can grow your business in a way that’s sustainable in the long term.

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