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Maximise Your Summer Leaflet Distribution In London.

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We know you are as excited as we are that the sun is finally out and the beauty of spring is not only satisfying but also promising.

With spring, we can plan into the future knowing that summer will be here soon too. With this, we would like to talk to you about maximising your leaflet distribution in London this coming summer.

Summer is that time of the year that is all bright, sunny and full of colour. Mimic this in your advertisement tools by creating flyers that are just as bright, colourful and summery.

Make use of colours like yellow, orange and purple by playing with the right shades and combinations.

They make a great difference. In as much as bright colours are the in thing during summer and they make your leaflets stand out, they can also work against you when they are too “loud” and “shouty”.

The images used on the flyers should also complement the flyer drops in London during the summer. Avoid using pictures taken during winter when it is rainy and snowy.

Use images of the sandy beaches or anything representing summer. In short, the images should be bright, colourful and the right colour palettes should be used in order to marry the leaflet and image will.

This will evoke an emotional connection in the reader and your leaflet deliveries in London will be a success.

Steer away from the common and laid back black and grey text on your flyers. They are boring especially when the flyers are being sent out during summer. Use bright colours on the text and ensure they are still visible.

Sprucing up on the font type and size may also be a great way to make your flyers fun in the summertime. An example is using a bold white font on a brightly coloured background.

Need help planning a leaflet campaign? Call one of our distribution specialists today on 0208-935-5753.

They will guide you from all the design aspects of your campaign as well as planning your drop and the final execution so you can avoid making costly mistakes and maximise your return on investment.

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