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Need some leaflet distribution tips that actually work? In this article, we will give you 15 leaflet distribution tips that you can start using right away to improve the success of your flyer distribution campaigns.

With the recent boom of online marketing and the recognised sales prospects the Internet has to offer every business, it is no news that some other forms of marketing, advertising and publicity have suffered a decline due to the rise of the Internet market. 

Seeing that this decline has become popular does not entirely state that these other forms of marketing are useless. Instead they should be reformed and rebranded in such ways that they can stand as significant competitors for Internet marketing.

An undeniably impactful part of marketing is Leaflet distribution. In past times, leaflet drop was the go-to strategy for almost every business.

While leaflet distribution has experienced so many downsides of which the most popular is the “drop rate” (the high rate at which people drop or dump the leaflets after receiving them), it does not necessarily take them out of the box.

There are therefore several leaflet distribution tips which promise to make this line of marketing more effective.

Some of these leaflet distribution tips include:

Drop the size: Our first of our 15 leaflet distribution tips, is the size of your flyer. Ever wondered why you get to see a lot of dropped leaflets on the streets? 

It is primarily because the flyers are usually oversized and do not fit into the regular sized wallets and purses, thereby making them appear as extra luggage.

While we have all been victims of these oversized leaflets, it is essential that we change the narrative. To stop the “drop rates” then we have to drop the size, that way we know the leaflets are staying in the hands of the audience

Know your target: What is the business about? Who is the target audience of this business? Once you can answer this question, then you are a step ahead. 

Giving the wrong target audience will not just lead to another set of drop rate, but defeats the point of your leaflet marketing in the first place. Knowing the right target audience and finding them is a potent aid to leaflet marketing

Leaflet dispensers: One big leaflet distribution tip is getting leaflet dispensers, these could be restaurants, gas stations,bus stations or major public places as pertains to your target audience.

All you have to do is enter an agreement with the institution or dispenser in this case, and you might need to tip them a bit, but this places your business or event right in the face of your prospective client or customer just next to their immediate need.

This has worked very well over time.

Exhibitions and trade shows: People tend to troop into trade shows because of the relatively fair prices; this gives your leaflet marketing high visibility.

Get a booth or a stand and distribute the leaflets to people as they come in for the exhibition. This tip works like magic because it is most likely they are getting that leaflet in their leisure time, talk about Perfect timing!

Right Timing: For businesses that thrive in certain times and seasons, it will be ideal to time your leaflet marketing towards that season to keep it fresh and relevant in the minds of your target audience.

Go to the Streets: This might be stressful. You should expect different reactions really, but then you can't ignore the viability of this leaflet distribution tip.

Here, you have the advantage of getting to meet your target audience and not just handed to anybody; you can also establish friendships with them while getting them to check out the leaflet.

Meet the Influencers: You cannot ignore the fact that there are individuals who serve as brand influencers and your leaflets getting into their hands could be the finding of your goldmine.

Develop good relationships with these influencers, and your brochures would be getting you good deals.

Tips for the door to door leaflet distribution

8 Insert leaflets in packaged orders: One of the best ways to go about leaflet marketing is to insert the leaflets into packaged orders.

This usually works for already existing businesses and not startups. Let us say you already have a business but you are introducing a particular product, or you want to do a sales, putting these leaflets in their deliveries will create awareness for your customers and there is a strong possibility of them telling their friends, neighbours and loved ones about it.

Leaflet distribution in this manner rarely gets dropped.

9 Try mailshots: Quick way to get your leaflets distributed, use their postal address! This would most likely work for your customers already and might not work so well for startups or companies without a good customer database. 

Using the postal address means they will be able to get it with their letters and emails.

10 Hire a leaflet distribution company: Just in case you did not know, there are third party leaflet distribution services that help you out with your leaflet distribution for a fee as is proportional to the number of leaflets you will be distributing. 

This might cost you between £125-£150 for shared distribution and £250-£400 for solus distribution depending on your target area.

11 Go door to door yourself: Our next entry in our leaflet distribution tips is one that involves you doing some leg wrok. This is very tasking and will need a lot of planning and perseverance, but a job done yourself is the one you can be most sure, and you can weigh the outcome yourself.

So fuel your vehicle,map out the houses you will be knocking on and introduce yourself and your business while handing the leaflets out yourself. Be courteous, put on a smile and we wish you the best!

How to make the best of leaflet marketing?

12 Reduce the number of leaflets: One major pitfall that leads to wastage of leaflets is when we overproduce.

We all know that with printing, the more you produce,the cheaper it gets, so you can go ahead and do a bulk production if necessary but stock control the distribution.

Don't take too many out at once to avoid wastage and tiresome distribution

13 Content of your leaflet: We would advise that your leaflet does not carry too much information at once, keep it short and straightforward. 

Attempt to make your information as brief and direct as possible. This is because many people will not pay so much attention to a bulky leaflet, it is just another unnecessary hardworking

14 Pay attention to details: The minute details of your leaflet,like the colour, the design, the font. Consider your target audience and pick the features that will suit them best.

15 Understand your audience: Where will they be? When will they be free? What is the nature of their routine? When will they be having a lunch break?

This might sound like you are stalking them but trust that if you genuinely want to get the best of your leaflet marketing, then you have to put all these into consideration.

One thing is vital though, always remember that leaflet marketing will sell right products just like any other form of marketing, if the product being sold is not of good quality, then you might not get the best of any kind of marketing at all.

We hope these leaflet distribution tips will help you do better in you next door to door marketing campaign. We wish you all the best, and we are always available to answer your questions.

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