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Leaflet Distribution Prices London

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Looking for leaflet distribution prices London? Leaflet distribution prices in London can very depending on the company, location of distribution and the distribution type (door to door or hand to hand).

Use the form below to calculate leaflet in distribution price London and the surrounding counties.

#1 – A Rough Guide to Leaflet Distribution Prices London

When you are embarking on a leafleting campaign, leaflet distribution prices London are of course an important consideration, although they shouldn’t be the only one. 

While conducting a search for the right company for your needs you will discover a range of price options to suit every budget and requirement.  They start at very cheap and go all the way up to eye-wateringly expensive.

#2 – How Does the Cost of Your Campaign Affect Response Rates?

There is not a direct link between how much you pay for a leaflet distribution campaign and the response rate you will receive.  You can pay a lot of money to a company and get a great response or hardly any at all.

The same applies if you spend a lot less. However, as with most sectors, one general rule applies and that is if the prices are really cheap then there’s going to be a catch somewhere along the line.

One misconception that people have is that leaflet distribution company all do the same thing and therefore they might as well go with the cheapest.  But this can be folly.  

Services and their quality vary from company to company so your best guide is to go on reviews and recommendations and to get an idea for yourself by asking prospective companies.

#3 – Pros and Cons of Cheap Leaflet Distribution.

If the quoted leaflet distribution price is too good to be true then you should probably run a mile. Depending on the density of an area it can take approximately six hours to deliver 1,000 leaflets.  

So if a company is quoting £30 per thousand, then to make a profit they have got to be paying the person delivering the leaflet less than the minimum wage.  

When you pay bargain basement prices you run the risk that corners are going to be cut and that all your leaflets won’t be delivered.

However, this is not to say that you cannot find a small company, especially a family-run entity that can make these numbers work.  If so, then you’ve got a bargain: full delivery at a very cost-effective price.

#4 – Pros and Cons of More Expensive Leaflet Distribution.

Put simply the big pro is that you get a premium service that generates results, although this is not guaranteed. The obvious downside to paying a lot of money is if you get a low or no return on investment.

Typical Leaflet Distribution Prices in London

Remember that prices vary a lot and will depend on several factors including the size of the leaflets.  However, the following is a quick guide to the average prices you can expect to come across.

Typical Door to Door Prices

For shared distribution, average prices can start at around £35- £50 per 1,000 leaflets.  With solus distribution where only your leaflets are delivered prices can start at around £50 to £70 per 1,000 leaflets.

Typical Hand to Hand Prices

This is one of the most targeted forms of leaflet distribution.  On average prices for hand to hand leaflet distribution (also known as face to face leaflet distribution) come in at around £20- £25 per person per hour.

Typical B2B Prices

Prices vary depending on whether you want blanket coverage of businesses in a specific area or target coverage. But on average they can start from around £80.00 to £100.00 per 1,000 leaflets.

Typical Walking Billboard Prices

For this form of marketing and promotion prices are highly variable depending on how many human billboards you want, for how long and where you want them to go. But you should budget for around £100 to £150 per person for a half day (usually four hours).

It’s Not Just About the Money

While you want to watch what you’re spending be mindful not to use price as your only guide when looking to find a leaflet distribution company.

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