#1-How To Choose Leaflet Distribution Coverage Areas.

Among the many benefits of leaflet distribution are that it is very effective at reaching potential customers directly whether in their homes, out in public or in a business setting.  In order for this to be achieved you need to think very carefully about your target areas.  Where you distribute your leaflets and who to will determine whether your campaign is a success or failure. 

Yes, you can just pick a random zone and give your leaflets to as many people as possible hoping that you’ll resonate with a few.  And why you may pick up some new customers this is not the most effective way to run your campaign. Today's leaflet campaigns can be designed for specific demographics and geographic locations.

Therefore you have a much better chance of achieving better results if you carefully select your target areas.  Fortunately, there is a lot of technology out there that can help you.

#2-Know Your Customer Demographics.

Who do you want to reach?  Is it families with children or no children, pensioners, middle-aged adults or young people? Owner occupiers, business people or empty nesters?  Average income earners or those on high incomes?

Whoever you want to target you can with cutting-edge technologies.  Some leaflet distribution companies will use demographic targeting software to create customized leaflet distribution rounds specifically for your company’s campaigns.  

They may even use Geoplan, highly sophisticated mapping software that provides a demographic breakdown of every part of the UK.  

#3-Selecting Postcodes.

Once you know the makeup of your target audience the next step is to map out exactly where they are so you send your leaflets to the right letterboxes.  

Today’s technologies are so sophisticated that they can select individual streets and accurately calculate the number of homes within the distribution area.

Geoplan’s StreetFinder service was designed specifically for doorstep leaflet distribution campaigns. Its mapping software can plot postcodes, highlight streets, draw boundaries, produce maps and a whole lot more. The software can also calculate the costs of leaflet drop activity. 

If you handle your own leaflet distribution you might want to consider acquiring Geoplan to help you with your efforts. It is available for monthly rental or an annual license.

#4-Avoid Some Postcodes.

As well as selecting postcodes that are home to your target audience you can also deselect or ignore those that don’t fit your demographics. 

For example, if you are an interior designer offering upmarket services to homeowners you won’t want to target those postcodes where there is a high proportion of residents living in rented accommodation.

#5-Precise Targeting.

Selecting the right demographics and areas for your leaflet distribution campaign instead of the blanket covering an area can save you money, reduce wastage and increase your response rate. 

With today’s technological tools at your disposal, you are able to plan a leaflet distribution campaign with laser-like precision.

Reaching a target audience, those people who are more likely to be interested in your products and services is the Holy Grail of marketing because ultimately it is going to put more money in your bank account.