How much does leaflet distribution cost per 1000 or what is the leaflet distribution price per 1000 are probably two of the top 5 most asked questions we get at Leaflet Distribution Team... As you are working on creating leaflets for your business, it's understandable to be also wondering just how much it costs to actually send them out. So we did a little research to find out what the average leaflet distribution cost per 1000 is around the country.

So, how much does leaflet distribution cost per 1000? The average cost for leaflet distribution around the country is £50-60 for 1000 leaflets delivered on a solus leaflet distribution basis and £025-£35 for shared. These types of campaign costs can vary widely based on different factors, which include the way that the leaflets are distributed (solus, shared and hand to hand leaflet distribution).

If you have a distribution strategy in mind you may not be overly concerned about the cost. However, the costs can greatly affect the number of leaflets that you can get out. So take a look at the information below to find out what you’re in for before you start.

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As you may or may not know, there are various types of distribution methods when it comes to leaflet distribution. In order to answer the question 'leaflet distribution price per 1000?' we need to break the pricing down based on each distribution method.

Shared Leaflet Distribution Cost Per 1000

Shared leaflet distribution is going to be the lowest cost option for you. With this type of distribution you’re going to have your leaflet delivered at the same time as someone else’s.

So, if your leaflet distributor has several leaflets on the schedule on the same day as your campaign, targeting the same area, your leaflets can be delivered with those other leaflets. 

This method gives you lower leaflet distribution cost per 1000, because the cost is shared with those other companies that are having flyers delivered along with yours. This allows you to send out your leaflets to more properties as you'll be able to stretch your budget even further.

On the other hand, you should also look at some of the other factors. When your leaflet is delivered with other people’s it may not be reviewed as thoroughly. That’s because the individual on the other side of that letterbox is picking up several different leaflets at the same time.

They will likely flip through them, but they might not give your leaflet as much attention because they’re going to have a few others to look at as well.

While you’ll save money on the cost of distribution this way, and you will get good results, you may not get quite the same results as you will if you opt for the solus delivery method.

When you look at shared leaflet distribution, however, you can expect to pay between £25 and £35 per 1000 flyers. That makes it a good way to save some money when you want to get your name out there but don’t have the biggest budget. 

You’re still going to have some great results and you’ll still be able to get your flyer into the hands of thousands of people. Don’t feel too discouraged if you can’t afford to upgrade your leaflet distribution to the solus plan.

You’re definitely going to get a lot more attention and a lot more customers by distributing flyers this way than not doing it at all, especially if you do it consistently.

Solus Leaflet Distribution Cost Per 1000

Now, when it comes to solus leaflet distribution you’re going to be spending a little more. This type of delivery means that your flyer is going to be the only one delivered at the time.

If you pay for the upgraded service you don’t have to worry about competing for your potential customers attention. Instead, they’re going to see your flyer and only your flyer in their letterbox that day.

The way this works, however, is that you’re going to pay for the cost of sending out our team and getting those flyers distributed.

With this type of flyer distribution you are going to have even better results and better returns for your business. After all, you have a much better chance of making it to the drawer where all the important flyers are kept or on the fridge where the homeowner can see it in the future.

This type of distribution is going to be an even better one and it’s going to allow you to get as much of a return as possible. But of course, you’re going to want to know more about solus leaflet distribution cost per 1000 right? Well, it comes in at around £50 per 1000 flyers and that’s going to be money well spent.

Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution Cost Per 1000

Delivery straight to your customers houses isn’t the only way to go, however. You can also deliver your leaflets directly into their hands. If you’re looking for an additional method of advertising that will get you into the hands of people that you know are interested in you this is a great way to go.

You’ll be able to walk right up to them (or hire someone to) and talk to them for at least a moment about the service you have before you hand them a flyer. It’s an effective way to get your name out, but it can be slower because you’re talking to people.

With this type of distribution you’re generally going to pay £15 to £22 per hour (sometimes a bit more depending on the location). Rather than charging per 1000 flyers, this type of distribution goes by the hour because it’s difficult to predict just how many flyers will be passed out in that amount of time. 

If you’re in a very populated area you could hand out as many as 550 flyers in an hour. That would mean you would pay approximately £30 to £44 per 1000 flyers. On the other hand, less populated areas are going to be slower and that means there’s going to be a higher cost per 1000.

B2B Leaflet Distribution Cost Per 1000

Delivering your flyers and leaflets outside of businesses is another good way to boost up your distribution and get your name out to a few more people. With this method you actually get a decent amount of flyers passed out for a low cost.

You’ll have someone standing outside of a business, passing out the flyers to the people who are walking by, similar to what you get with hand to hand leaflet distribution. It’s going to be a simple process, and that’s why the rates are generally less expensive.

With business to business leaflet distribution or distributing outside of businesses, you’re generally going to pay about £10 per 100 flyers or £100 per 1000 flyers. This one isn’t going to be the least expensive, but it’s still going to give you some good results and it’s going to help you get your name out there even more.

You’re going to have a little more control over just where you want to do the delivery and what businesses you want to work with as well. It’s going to be a whole lot easier to find the right locations where there’s going to be a lot of people.


Overall, you’re going to get some great returns no matter which method of distribution you decide to go with.

You’ll be able to get a good amount of attention and business from the people around you and you’re going to have even bigger returns than most methods of advertising.

After all, you want to make sure that you get your flyer in the hands of as many people as possible, right?

So make sure you’re using shared or solus distribution and maybe adding in hand to hand or business to business distribution while you’re at it.

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