If you’ve tried leaflet distribution and it just hasn’t worked you may be feeling frustrated. Maybe you’re tempted to throw in the towel. Maybe you think that leaflet distribution just isn’t for you.

Well, no matter what you’re thinking, there definitely are ways to improve your leaflet and, by default, improve your results. You just need to know what didn’t work and how to make things better the next time around.​

You might be surprised what you can achieve when you know what it is you need to change.

Your Flyer Design Was Lacking

The overall design of your flyer is a crucial element to its success. If you have a great looking flyer people are going to be more likely to take a closer look. They want to know what it’s all about.

They want to at least look at the pictures and they notice the design of the font. It could be any of the features that catch their eye.

Maybe it’s the layout of where the text, image and white space are. No matter what is contributing, you want to make sure that you have a great looking flyer.

When you’re working with a design you’ll want to pay attention to reviews and support from others. Talk to people in your company or talk to your friends and family.

Ask them what they think about the leaflet you’re planning to send out long before you’re ready to actually send it.

You want to make sure that you have some good feedback before you spend a lot of money and these are the people that you can trust to give you some positive feedback on your design. Or they’ll tell the truth if there’s something they don’t like about it.

You Only Sent One

When it comes to sending out leaflets you absolutely need to make sure that you have a campaign going. You need to get people to see what you have to offer and you need them to respond.

That means you may have to send out a few different leaflets in order to get the response that you’re looking for. You don’t want to overload your potential clients with information or with leaflets for your business, but you do want to make sure that they are seeing your name a couple times so they don’t forget about you.

When you send out multiple leaflets and multiple pieces of information you’re going to have even more opportunities for someone to get to know you and to get to know what you have the ability to offer them.

It also means that if they threw out that first leaflet they have a second chance to take a look at our offering and see if it really is something that they would want.

If not, they’ll get rid of it again, but chances are you’ll get at least a little bit more attention from potential customers the second time you send something out than the first, and more the third time as well.

You Didn’t Tell Them What to Do

People need to be told what they should do next. It may seem obvious. When you send out a flyer you probably just assume that your potential customers know that you want them to call or visit your website.

The truth is, even if those things are right there on the leaflet they probably won’t. That’s because you need to tell them what you want them to do with the information that you just gave them.

If you don’t, they’re just going to continue on with their day and they’re likely just going to throw out your leaflet, or keep it but never call you.

If you tell them to call or tell them to visit the website the chances are pretty good that they’re actually going to do what you’re looking for. They want to know more, they just aren’t sure how to go about it.

By telling them what you want next you’re giving them some steps to follow and that can help them as well as you. If you avoid telling them directly what you want you might feel like you’re being more friendly, but you’re actually hurting the results that you could be getting.

You Didn’t Send at the Right Time

If you send your leaflet during the same time that your potential customers are getting a lot of other flyers you could actually be setting yourself up for bigger problems.

If a lot of things come through the letterbox at the same time they could pick them up and throw them all out.

If they do scan through them they still might not stop and give your leaflet the attention that it deserves. This is true if you deliver with a lot of other leaflets or if you deliver on the same day as the free papers that often come in the mail.

You want to pay careful attention to just when you send out your leaflets and you want to talk with the distribution company about when they are going to be distributed.

From there, you’ll be able to plan whether you want to get them delivered on their own or if you’re willing to have them delivered with other leaflets as well. All of these factors are going to play a role in whether or not your leaflets are getting the attention you want.

You Didn’t Send to the Right People

It’s entirely possible that you could have sent the information about your business and your company to the wrong group of people.

If you didn’t pay attention to the market or who lived in the area that you were sending your leaflet into you might struggle to get people interested. What this means is you need to do a whole lot of work and you need to pay attention to the research.

Look at demographics for your target audience as well as for the people that are in the area that you sent information out to.

If you find that the target demographic and the current demographic aren’t matching up that means you’re going to need to do a little more work in order to find the right place to send your flyers.

Research is going to help you a number of different ways. It’s going to show you where the target demographic is in your area and it’s also going to help you target the right market for the next time you’re ready to send out leaflets.

You Didn’t Have the Right Expectations

Getting too optimistic can definitely be a problem as well. You may find that you had big dreams and plans about what you wanted your leaflet distribution to do.

If you had too large of plans and dreams for your leaflets you could find yourself feeling like it didn’t work even when it actually does do a decent job.

You may find that you were getting a little bit too overboard about what you wanted. Just make sure that you pay attention to what’s actually realistic and try to come up with an idea of what you should be expecting.

When you talk to others in your area or if you work with the right leaflet distribution company you’ll be able to find out more about what the most realistic options would be.

You may find out what you should have expected compared to what you actually got. Those companies have a whole lot of experience and they definitely know what the best and the average rates are.

Take a look at some of the other aspects that we’ve discussed here and see if any of those seem like a reason or if changing those things gives you some additional benefits and improvements to your next run.

You Didn’t Explain it Well

If you didn’t get the idea across in the right way you might have actually confused a lot of people who might have been interested in what you have to offer but they’re not sure.

If they can’t understand then they’re definitely not going to want to call you because they don’t even know what they’re going to get out of it.

Just make sure that you pay attention to the feedback that you get from the different people who see your leaflet. From there, you might be able to improve the quality and the style of your writing in a positive way.

To Wrap Up...

Overall, you’re going to find a number of different things that could negatively affect your leaflet distribution and the success that you see.

You want to make sure that you are paying close attention to the different aspects of your leaflet and you want to make sure that you’re careful about what you’re doing right and what you might not be doing as well.

 Overall, the reason why your leaflet distribution didn’t work could be something entirely innocuous, but you won’t know until you start your research.