Looking to start your leaflet distribution at train stations? There are actually a number of benefits to this process and plenty of different ways that you can get even more attention to your business.

After all, train stations are going to give you a whole lot of access to people, right? But what should you know about leaflet distribution here? What is there that’s different from other locations and what might be better? We’re going to dive into everything, the pros, the cons and the tips that you definitely need to know.

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Tips & Tricks

Leaflet Distribution at Tube Stations

First, let’s start with some of the tips and tricks that are going to help you out when it comes to distributing in or near these stations.

Leaflet distribution, or to be more specific hand to hand leaflet distribution at train stations is going to be a whole lot easier than you might think, as long as you know what you’re doing. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be making the people a whole lot happier and you’ll also have a much higher chance of actually getting business from them.

Make it Quick

First, keep in mind that the people who are going to or coming from a train station are probably in a hurry. These are people heading to work or home from work or going to appointments all over the city.

They might be going on or coming home from a long work trip or a holiday. 

That means they want to get where they’re going. Especially if they’re coming into the station and have a train to catch they don’t have a lot of time to talk to you. So make your spiel as short as you can and get a flyer in their hand for them to read on the train.

Get Permission

Make sure you talk to the local authority if you’re going to be standing outside the train station as there are strict laws with this type of marketing. 

They’re going to give you permission to hand out flyers and they’re going to keep you from getting in trouble and possibly fined for handing out flyers without permission. Get your permission in writing if at all possible and keep it with you while you’re handing out flyers so if anyone stops you all you have to do is show them the letter you have.

Make it Informative

handing out leaflets at train stations

Keep in mind that someone who is at a train station is likely getting on a train, right? That means they’re going to be sitting on that train for an extended period of time and they may not have anything to do with that time.

Your flyer might be the only thing they have with them and that means you can get a whole lot of information out there. Make sure that you make it easily skimmable so anyone can quickly see what you’re about, but then add in plenty of extra information that they can read while they’re waiting for their train or while they’re riding on the train.

Pros of Leaflet Distribution at Train Stations

There are some really great things that you should know about leaflet distribution at train stations. Take a look at each of these and you might realize that this is the ideal place for you to set up shop (as long as you can get the permission you need anyway).

Plenty of People

One of the biggest benefits that you’re going to have is that there are a ton of people at most train stations. The larger the station you choose the better it’s going to be but no matter what you’re going to have a lot of people coming and going, which gives you more opportunity. 

The more people the more potential customers you’re going to have, so make sure that you’re walking up to as many as you can and that you’re handing them a flyer as they skate on past you.

Captive Audience

If you can get permission to hand out flyers right in the station you can really hit a captive audience. These are all people who are waiting for a train to come in, whether their own or someone else’s and they don’t have anything else to do. 

If you walk through the area and talk to people that are sitting or casually wandering they don’t really have anywhere to go but that station. And you can talk to them easily. It helps when you don’t have to compete with stores all around you like on the street.

More Possibility of Reading

A lot of people on the street will take one of your flyers because they feel like they should and then drop it in the trash or tuck it into their bag and never look at it again. In a train station you have a much better chance of them actually reading it.

After all, they have nothing else to look at. And when there are more people reading your flyer there are going to be more people acting on that flyer. So you’ll have an even better return on investment, even if they just read it and hand it to someone else (or leave it on the train seat).

Cons of Leaflet Distribution at Train Stations

Now, there are definitely going to be some drawbacks to leaflet distribution at train stations as well. Make sure you keep an eye on these and that you know they’re a very real possibility before you jump in and get started.

A Lot of Out of Area People

Unfortunately, not everyone that’s walking through that train station is actually going to be from your area. That’s the nature of train stations. A lot of people use them to get to business meetings in a totally new place or to head out on holiday or come into a place for a visit. 

You may end up with a lot of people getting flyers that are actually not your ideal customer because they don’t even live nearby (though most of those people will let you know and not take a flyer). Just be aware that not everyone you walk up to is going to be the right fit.

People Leaving Flyers Behind

A common thing with train stations is that someone might take a flyer from you and then set it down. That means it could get left on the seat at the station or it could get left on a seat on the actual train.

If they don’t take it with them then chances are they’re not going to act on it. Fortunately, this downside has a silver lining. They’re not going to act on what your flyer said, but someone else is going to get that flyer and likely at least take a look, which means you just got a little bit more free advertising.

Wrapping it Up

There are some great benefits and a few drawbacks that you need to think about when it comes to handing out flyers at a train station. 

Once you know all of those things and you have a better idea of what to expect (plus have the tips we mentioned) you should have no problem getting your name out there and getting a good amount of business and interest from people that are handing through . You have a whole lot of opportunities when it comes to train stations, after all.

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