Need an idea of leaflet delivery prices and how much you should be paying for leaflet distribution?

When looking to market a business it is understandable to wonder just what it is going to cost you. So, we started looking into the prices to see what leaflet delivery prices companies were charging online.

So, what are leaflet delivery prices? Leaflet delivery prices are going to depend on just what type of services you’re looking for, but can range from £30 per 1000 flyers to £90 per 1000 depending on the area being targeted, size of the flyer and its thickness.

The total cost is going to depend on the specific type of delivery that you’re looking for and can also depend on what else the service is doing for you.

For many people, getting the cheapest service is the most important factor, but this shouldn’t be the case as cheap doesn't always mean good responses.

There are actually a number of different things that you should be paying attention to before you decide on the right leaflet delivery.

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What Affects Leaflet Delivery Prices?

When it comes to items that affect delivery the main one is the form that your delivery is going to consist of.

Are you looking for those leaflets to be delivered door to door? Or hand to hand? Or street marketed?

Each of these different options is going to affect just how much you’re going to pay, so you want to consider each of them before you decide on a specific service or how much you’re willing to pay in the first place.

Hand to Hand Delivery

This is going to be a relatively low cost method of delivery and you could pay as little as £20 an hour to hand out leaflets. What you’re getting, however, is per hour service and not a set number of leaflets distributed.

Because there’s no way to know how many people will stop or will take a leaflet there’s no way to guarantee a set number that will be handed out.

For high traffic areas it’s possible to hand out as many as 500 or more in a single hour, but in low traffic areas it could be more difficult to do this.

Door to Door Delivery

Distribution door to door can range anywhere from £30 per 1000 flyers up to £80 per 1000 flyers. In  general it’s going to depend on just how you want your flyers handed out. 

If those flyers are  being delivered alongside other flyers they would fall closer to the low end of the spectrum.

If you want your flyers to be the only ones handed out at that specific time they would be closer to the high end of that spectrum.

 Of course, the location and the type of flyers are also going to affect the cost.

Street Marketing

This is actually the least expensive of all of the options and it refers to someone walking the streets and giving out flyers in popular or busy areas. Flyers could be given out at bus terminals, airports, special events or train stations.

Generally, this is going to be around £20 to £25 per hour, which is going to be a good start since there probably aren’t a lot of places that you need to post the flyers in order to be noticed.

Unlike other methods of distribution you don’t need thousands in order to get the notice you’re looking for.

What Affects Leaflet Creation Prices?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of leaflets. One of the number one factors is the quality of the leaflet that’s being produced. A heavy duty paper is going to cost more than a lightweight paper.

After all, the paper itself has a higher cost and then adding in the cost of printing on that paper, folding it if needed and delivering it is going to be a little more as well. But that’s only one of the factors that you’ll need to consider.

The style of the leaflet is another important aspect, with brochures costing more than a simple flyer.

Part of the reason here is the added printing. Part of it is also going to be the fact that the brochures are going to need to be folded and prepared for handing out whereas flyers are ready to go as soon as they come off the printer.

Brochure Pricing

A brochure could cost anywhere from £45 per 1000 to well over £70 per 1000 depending on exactly what’s being created and what’s being done with it.

A brochure that is very basic and has very little written on it will generally be close to the lower end of this.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that’s really going to draw in attention and get people the information they’re looking for you could be looking at a much longer brochure, with far more pages.

That will cost more to produce and that cost is going to be handed on to you.

Flyer Pricing

When it comes to flyers you receive everyday through your letterbox, you could get printing for anywhere from £37 to £50 per 1000, which is also going to depend on just what you’re trying to create. 

It doesn’t have to be extensive with a flyer, because even if you want to print on both sides you’re going to only have so much space to get it done. 

If you decide to go really fancy you can raise the price here by quite a bit and the highest end flyers could be upwards of £250 per 1000.

The idea is to look at what you want to put on the flyer, because that’s where the pricing is going to be affected.

A flyer with a lot of images takes more to print, so even though it doesn’t need to be folded or doesn’t need as high quality paper it’s still going to use a lot of ink.

That will cost more and could raise the price significantly.

Pamphlet Pricing

Finally, you have pamphlets which can be quite expensive when it comes to printing because they can actually be quite long. A pamphlet is generally 10 pages or so and this means that they could run costs anywhere from £90 to over £300. It’s all going to depend on just how long and what is going into the pamphlet to decide on cost.

More images, charts and other graphics can increase the cost toward the higher end, as can adding more pages. The more complex the overall design the more it’s going to cost to put together and that cost is going to be translated to your cost as well.

The Printing Costs

We’ve somewhat mentioned paper quality as a factor that will affect the pricing of any type of leaflet being designed, and that’s definitely another factor.

Paper that is thicker tends to be a higher quality, which means that it’s going to stand up to a little more abuse and it’s going to feel nicer when a potential customer picks it up. This means that they’re more likely to take a closer look and see just what it is that they’re looking at.

For most, printing on a slightly higher quality paper is going to be a good idea, even if that paper is going to cost a little more.

People tend to give more attention to that thicker paper because they feel like it must be important.

The lowest quality and thinnest types of paper tend to get less attention, though there are many who will at least scan over the sheet before they decide what to do with it.

Another factor on this end is the finish of the paper. You can choose between glossy pages or matte pages or even what’s called a crystal finish.

The crystal is going to really give the bright and true colors that you’re looking for without having to worry about glare (which is a problem when you’re looking at anything that’s too shiny).

A matte finish, on the other hand, is going to look flat and a glossy finish is going to give what’s considered a shiny or wet look to the finished product.

While the paper can be left as it is, these types of finish are going to give it a little more polished look and that’s another reason to consider using them. Of course, each is going to add to the cost of the leaflet itself.

Pricing goes up for adding a gloss finish, and increases with a matte finish or a crystal finish. The end result is going to depend on what you like best.

The size of the paper is another factor, with A4 pages being more expensive than A5 and A3 being the most expensive of all.

These refer to different sizes of paper with A3 pages giving you the most space to work with and the most freedom to create something truly unique.

It generally depends on the type of product you’re creating to determine which of these formats is going to be the best option and provide a good fit for the end product.

What Type of Distribution Is Most Cost Effective?

If you’re looking to get the most response out of your potential clients you’ll want to look at solus distribution, door to door.

This method is going to get the most people paying attention to your flyer or leaflet because it’s the only one that’s coming to them at that particular time. Not to mention it’s going to be coming directly to their door.

That means they don’t even need to leave their house in order to see what you have to offer them. It’s going to help you get your name out to even more people in a quick manner.

By being the only one delivered you’re also going to get all of the attention and focus at that time, which is going to make it more likely that they read the whole flyer and hold onto it for a later time.

How Can I Cut Costs on My Leaflet Distribution?

If you’re looking to cut down costs you could go in several different directions. First, you could decide to slim down the product that you’re creating. A flyer instead of a brochure could help to reduce cost.

Going with a slightly thinner paper or with a smaller page could help to cut down some costs as well, without sacrificing too much in the way of the overall quality.

You could also choose to leave the paper standard rather than adding a gloss, matte or crystal finish over the top of it.

Another method of cutting costs is in the type of distribution that you use. A street marketing delivery rather than a door to door delivery could be a way to cut down some costs and it could still get your name and your business out there.

The best way to go about this is to make sure that you look at how you can get the best return on your investment and balance out cost savings with that.

Hope this article has given you a bit more information about the current market leaflet distribution price and things that contribute to those prices.

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