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Leaflet Advertising to Successfully Grow Your Business

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Leaflet advertising is a good way to get a new business of the ground. It is a cost-effective way to spread the word of your business as well as attract new business to you if you are already established.

It is the ideal way to make your own mark business grow without having to spend too much money to do it.

What is Leaflet Advertising?

Leaflet advertising is the creation and distribution of specially designed flyers. These flyers are distributed around particular areas or directed towards a particular group to promote a business’s services or specialties.

They are usually small cards with just enough information to inform the reader quickly of what is being offered and promoted. It often has coupons or other promotional discounts included as a hook to get the reader interested in obtaining the services being offered at a discounted price or multiple services for the price of one.

It is also perfect for being able to distribute large amounts of flyers to a lot of people at once. If distributed in the right area, potentially thousands can be informed in a single day.

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Who Uses leaflet Advertising

Those that use leaflet advertising range from the person just starting their business and they are attempting to grow their first new clients to well-established businesses looking to pick up a new client or let old clients know of upcoming events or deals.

This versatile way of informing the general public is nothing new, but it almost guarantees people will at least see your message and will be less likely to discard it as opposed to other forms of advertising which can be easily deleted without even being looked at.

A well-designed leaflet will get the point of the flyer to the without wasting words or space. It is easy to spread around to the people that need to see it and to do it in larger numbers.

It is not uncommon for thousands of flyers to be created and distributed to entire neighborhoods or other areas around a city.

Why Use Leaflet Advertising for your business

As mentioned above, leaflet advertising is one of the versatile ways to get information about a business or services spread around a particular area. It is also a good way to attract new clients and retain old ones with coupons and services that are for limited time offers.

The way it can be distributed around a particular area and to particular people means that the number of clients can also potentially double overnight and even if the services are not used immediately, there is a good chance it will be held on to until such services are needed.

They are also a cost-effective way of doing business as the cost to produce the number of leaflets is minimal when compared to the amounts that can be made from their distribution. It is a small price to pay to reap big benefits from acquiring new clients or encouraging old ones to use your services again.

Different Types of Leaflets

There are many different types of marketing flyers that can be used as a business tool for new or established businesses. Not all will work for each type of business and some will work better in other areas.

They are being used to promote whatever customers need or want to know about. There are leaflets, tri-fold brochures, and door handle advertisements so if something doesn’t work for your business there are other things to try:


This is usually a small type of advertisement that is usually a single sheet of single fold brochure. They are small, convenient and are inexpensive compared with other forms of advertising.

They can be placed in many places because they are not large such as in mailboxes, on car windshields, or just hand them out to people the street. It is also easy to hire someone to pass them out on busy streets and at such places like the train station where it can reach as many people as possible.

2.Tri-fold brochures:

This common type of flyer used by many businesses. It is easy to get printed in large numbers and can be displayed on desks or in waiting rooms for people to glance at while the customers are waiting.

They can provide information to new customers as to services and client history. It can also remind old clients of the wide range of services your business offers to their clientele.

3.Digital Brochures:

This is the most cost-effective way of transmitting information to your customers to new customers, but there is no guarantee they will see it or view it. They are a digitally designed flyer that can be emailed or placed on the company website. It is a good thing to use

Leaflet Advertising Types

There are different ways to distribute your different leaflets depending on where you need to generate business and what will work best for each type of situation.

What you chose to use depends on your target audience and how you want your information distributed.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may choose to have got different versions of each prepared for each type of customer you want to obtain.

1.Door-to-Door Leaflet Advertising:

Door to door leaflet advertising is perfect for reaching out to the general community at home. You can just leave it in their mail and they are more likely to see it because it is a physical advertisement. 

Even if they throw it away, you will have passed on your message to them and they are more likely to remember it. They are also more likely to hold on to it if there are deals for your services on the flyer.

Even if they do not take advantage of your deals when the leaflet reaches their door, they are also more likely to reach out later because they will remember it.

2.Hand-to-hand leaflet advertising:

Hand-to-hand advertising is perfect for distributing large amounts of flyers around a general area or at a particular event. This gets your message out to large groups of people at once. 

You can pass them out at sporting events or community functions and typically end up distributing at least 200 within the first hour of distributing them.

It is also a good way to get people looking at your business if you are near it and letting people know of your presence and what you have to offer the community.

3.Business-to-business Leaflet advertising:

Business-to-business leaflet advertising is good for one business to market itself to another.

It is perfect for a type of business that typically relies on another business for their own business growth such as if one business specializes in cleaning the windows of business establishments, their own services will be directed to marketing their skills and making their leaflets for the business counterparts.

4.Walking Billboard Leaflet advertising:

This type of advertising is a good way to market your skills directly outside your business or in a community event where the most possible people will see it and your services will be noticed, and read, and remembered.

It is also a good way for the general community gets to see a member of your team in action so they can match faces to the people they will see when they visit your establishment.

How to succeed with leaflet advertising

Succeeding with your leaflet advertising means figuring out every detail of your process from start to finish and working out how it can succeed the best for what you are trying to do and where you are trying to do it.

You can break each part of the advertising process into pieces to make it easier to develop each piece of it:

1.Creating your leaflet

a. Start with your headline. Most people will only read your main headline so it needs to be a good one. This does not mean everyone will ignore your entire message, but that headline needs to catch your intended audience the first time they see it.

You need to make your biggest benefit their need so they will want to know more about how you can help them. You need the right opening so they will want what you have to offer.

b. You will want to connect your headline to the community at large. If you are a small business you will want your intended audience to know that you are one of them. You can also connect it to local events that have significance such as the local sporting event.

It needs to be direct and clear about the connection and something people will respond to. You will want to resonate with your target audience and you have only a small amount of space to do so.

c. Your Call to Action: This is almost as important as the headline. You will be calling your audience to do something to fix their situation and that your services are the ones to solve their problem.

It needs to be clear, specific, and straight forward so that there can be no confusion and so they will want to do something through you.

d. The Back Side: Both sides of your leaflet are important. Make sure you are putting quality content on both, while not filling it, and making it something your customers will want to read both sides of. 

2.Printing your leaflet

When preparing to print your leaflet, you should not go cheap. The appearance of your door drop represents your company as much as your words do.

You might want to look into getting professionally printed if you have the budget for that; if you do not skimp on the paper or the ink.

Use a higher quality paper and quality ink so your message is not lost should it get wet or something happens to it while it is waiting to be read.

3.Distributing your leaflet

You can use a professional company to help you distribute these if it is in your budget. They can cover a lot more ground than you as one person, but you can also do this yourself if you know where you want your business to be located.

You can pick a large area by locating yourself by distributing at places like a sporting event or a train station where you will see a lot of customers come through the station and people are more likely to read something while they are just standing waiting for their train.

You can also use one of the techniques listed above by going door-to-door or using a door hanging message so you can leave it on many doors as possible. If you choose to go with a professional leaflet distribution company, make sure you really check them out. 

They will be representing your company as they distribute your information around a chosen area. They need to be professional and you need to know they will do their job to the best of their own ability.


Growing your business is important and using door drops can be a terrific way to hook your customers and bring in new ones. It takes hard work to develop an effective flyer that is simple yet gives enough information to encourage people to contact you for more information.

It is imperative you take the time to do it right because, if done right, you will succeed in your goal to increase your customer base. It will also keep your budget under control because while you will spend money to get the flyers made and more to get them distributed if they are good you will get the customers who will help you balance out the money you spent.

You may even get them as repeat customers so it is good to take the time to do it right. They represent your business so it is part of who you are too. It is an investment for the future of it.

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