So I was wondering - is it legal to put flyers on cars? I got a call from a client who was planning to hand out flyers and wanted to know a little more about the best way to do this in the UK. 

She thought of putting those flyers on cars as most of her customers were owned cars, but then she wondered if it was actually legal to do.

Is it legal to put flyers on cars in the UK? If you’re considering putting flyers on cars you absolutely can. Not only that, but it can actually help to increase sales and to boost the number of people who are seeing information about your business.
Now, there are some factors to consider when you’re even thinking about putting out flyers this way.

And one of the main things is about the rules that pertain to just where you’re actually putting out those flyers and where the cars are parked. 

Getting the Right Permission

Is it legal to put flyers on cars? Yes, it can be if you don't get the right permission. If vehicles are parked in a public area you may not need to get permission to put out the leaflets. 

This type of area gives you a little more freedom and allows you to target larger groups as well. Public parks and public parking areas are a good way to go about this, however there are some things to consider if the parking area is owned by any particular business.

If the parking area is a government owned area you may need to  get permission from the public authority to post flyers there.

If the parking area is owned by a business you may need to get permission from the owner of that business in order to put flyers on the vehicles parked in their lot. 

If you don’t get the right type of permission you could end up in legal trouble because it can be considered trespassing.

You’re also going to want to pay attention to the actual zone. If you are passing out flyers in one area where you have permission you should keep track to make sure you don’t cross into someone else’s space or property while you do so.

You could end up in trouble without even realizing that you’ve done something wrong in the first place.

Where to Put the Flyers

Next, you need to consider where you’re going to put the flyers. There aren’t a whole lot of rules about this, but you could end up with someone making a fuss if you’re not careful.

Many people will put their flyers under the windscreen wipers and this could cause the owners of the vehicle to make a claim against you.

Technically, touching their vehicle and moving any part of it could get you into trouble and while most owners aren’t going to do anything or say anything about it, it’s something to consider. Likewise, you want to make sure that you put the flyers somewhere they will be seen but not get in the way. 

So, if you’re putting those flyers under the windscreen on a wet and rainy day or a cold day you may find that they are pretty stuck by the time the driver of the vehicle gets back.

This can make things quite difficult for them as they now have to pry your flyer off their windscreen before they can drive away.

The best thing is to make sure that it’s a nice day out when you put out those flyers and that they’re going to be visible but not stuck by the time someone gets back to the vehicle.

You can also choose to put the flyers on the passenger side of the vehicle rather than on the driver’s side and this could make it easier to keep them out of people’s way.

Other Alternatives

Besides putting the flyers under the windscreen wiper you could also choose to put them in the door handles.

Not all car doors have a handle that you can slide something into but if they do you could roll up the flyer and stick it down into the handle so that the owner will see it when they walk up. 

This makes it so they can’t miss the flyer and they have to remove it in order to get into the vehicle.

You’re also going to be a little safer when it comes to claims of touching anything on the vehicle because you don’t have to move or adjust anything in order to put a flyer in the door handle.

In fact, you don’t even need to touch the vehicle because the flyer will roll and slide into the handle without you having to do anything with the vehicle at all.

Should I Put Flyers on Cars?

You can definitely make some good investments by putting your flyers on cars because you’re going to have a captive audience and you’re going to have a way to blanket a large area at the same time.

You want to make sure that you’re getting the proper permission before you start, but definitely make sure that you’re getting out there and getting more attention from the right people.

Can the Council Outlaw Flyers on Cars?

Your Council could make rules and regulations regarding putting out flyers on vehicles so you’re going to want to look at what the rules are in each area.

If you’re going to be putting out flyers in an area you don’t know as well you should absolutely take a closer look at the rules there before you do. You don’t want to end up in any kind of legal trouble if you break the rules in that area.

What Do People Think About Putting Flyers on Cars?

You want to watch out for some people who can get irate about flyers put on their vehicle.

You’ll want to be aware of what you’re doing at all times and make sure that you’re not damaging anything or touching the car more than absolutely necessary to make sure that there will be very few complaints going around.

Also you may not want to put a flyer on a vehicle if the owner is coming toward the vehicle, but stick to those that are unoccupied.