Want to learn how to make a good leaflet? This article will teach you what it takes to make a good leaflet that stands out from the crowd and gets your business noticed.

Creating a leaflet is a good way to boost your business or start a new one. It lets the general public know you are there and that your services are relevant for want they need.

A good flyer has many different parts to make it look good and do its job to inform the general public of services or features you can offer them.

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What is a Leaflet

A leaflet is a type of flyer that is usually only one piece of paper that contains information about services or events that are within a particular community.

It is a marketing tool used to promote business around an area which informs the reader of the services being offered and at what rates. There are often discounts and promotional offers to new or returning customers for services rendered.

It is an item meant to inform and present the reader with new and interesting information about the type of services being offered or of upcoming promotions and deals that the reader should take advantage of the next time they are planning changes or activities in their life. 

They are made for small and large businesses which make them very versatile in the uses and have high rates of success even in this technologically advanced world.

Who uses Leaflets

The beauty of a leaflet is that it can be used by anyone to promote or inform about any type of subject they wish.

It is a tool of business to start a business and to grow it is also a tool to inform the general public of upcoming community events or services that are relevant to the community at large such as upcoming concerts in the park or a local diner’s one-year anniversary sale. 

They are a tool for whoever needs to spread a message in a cost-effective way. They can be custom made and distributed to areas where relevant information needs to be spread such as the dinner distributing in their local neighborhood by using them as door drops so that the local population that would visit the most frequently will know they are having a special sale they can take advantage of.

Features of a Good Leaflet

The most important thing you can do if you are planning on using leaflets to build your business or inform the general public about upcoming events is to invest time into designing your leaflet.

Each piece of it needs to have the time and effort placed in it to get the best effect and most information to the viewer while using as little extra content as possible.

● Creative and relevant content

Your message should be short and simple and should start with an eye-catching headline because most people do not read beyond the headline.

It should inform the reader about what the door drop is all about and why it is relevant to them. In that headline, you should address the main purpose of your flyer and why they need to read more about it.

This should catch the reader than provide them with more information through the actual content of the notice. It needs to build the idea of getting more information about the service or the offer than what is on the flyer. This will make them want to contact you.

● Design of Leaflet, colourful

After you have the actual information for the leaflet ready you should consider the appearance of the leaflet. You do not want to much content to clutter, but you also need to get your point across through the use of creative imagery such as if you are a painter and you make sure a cartoon paintbrush is painting out your message on the flyer.

This will make it look more professional as well as adding to the creativity of the door drop. Make sure you include a picture because it will add emphasis to what you are trying to tell them and make it nicer to look at. It should also be colourful.

Using bold colours that catch the eye and contrast well with the background will help the leaflet look professional and will make the customer want to read more to learn more.

● Address, website, contact information

You will want to include your address and contact information on the flyer so that the reader can find out more if they choose. Make sure it is not the main thing the potential or returning clients see as it will detract from what you are trying to tell them.

Include social media sites so they can learn more about your online and so they can see you have a history of good work and are of good standing online. 

It also helps them to see you as a member of the community and that, if they need more information than what is available online, they contact you easily. You will want to be available to them as the client.

● Maps & Directions & symbols for toilets, disabled parking, cafe

If you are a new business that is just starting out in the area you should be prepared to show people not only what you are now selling, but that you have them in mind when preparing to open in a particular location.

This means including easy to follow directions so they can find you as well as providing a map to help them that includes information about the establishment such as a place to part and designated handicapped parking spots for the people who will need them.

You can also include community comforts such as a small cafe attached to your new bookshop so people can sit and enjoy a coffee while they read. Your goal is to encourage people to visit and this means letting them know they will be as comfortable in your establishment as they are at home.

● Opening times

Having your hours listed is a must. You do not want people showing up at off hours and leaving because you are not open. Make sure your hours are clearly visible so if you are not open on Sundays, they will not try to visit on a Sunday while you are closed.

It is also curtseyed especially if you are planning on having unique hours of operations such as the local coffee shop that will be open from 5 Am until noon only during the work week. You will want your customers to know you are open for their morning commutes only and not beyond.

The same thing applies if you are planning on opening a local pub which will only be open in the evenings and into the mornings on the weekends.

● Prizes & offers

If you are planning on having special deals for a particular event these prizes and offers should be clearly listed for the services they are attached to so the customers do not get confused as to what the discounts are for.

If you are operating a window cleaning business that offers a 10 percent off the first cleaning then you should also list what the regular rates are so that they know exactly what they will be paying for each service you will be selling to them at a discount.

● Photos & Pictures

Every good leaflet has a photo or a picture to make the design of it look nicer. It is also a tool to help grab the person reading the flyer.

It will draw the eye to the rest of what the flyer has to say and it will help the design of the flyer look more visually appealing to the person who will be seeing it for the first time.

It can also help highlight and skills or services you are offering for them such as if you are starting a dog car business you can include a cute puppy covered in bubbles that will help promote one of the features of your business which is bathing their dogs.

It shows you care about their dog being as clean as they do.

● Persuasive & good Writing

This cannot be emphasised enough. While you should not overdo the content on the flyer it should be simple, concise and clear. You want no confusion attached to your message and it should help inform them not confuse them. 

You do not need a lot of information to grab their attention and if they need or want more information, it can be easily gathered by visiting your website or calling you up directly.

Also, make sure you read through it and double check what is written. It needs to be spelled correctly and grammatically correct. This is your business and you need to take pride in even the smallest pieces of it because the entire flyer represents everything about your business and misspellings will not bring in any customers.

It will turn them away. It is even advisable you have someone other than yourself check it as they might catch something you have missed or have a suggestion on how it could be made better.

● Dates for events

If you are planning on having a special event at which people will be attending, make sure you include the dates and times for the event.

You will want them to know when to show up and if those aren’t listed, they will not know such as if you are a local cafe and you are planning on having a poetry reading for local artists, the flyers you distribute should clearly list the dates and times when people will be able to be present for the readings.

If you do not, people are more likely to miss the event they wanted to attend or for the artists themselves to not to have the turnout they deserve to have.

You want to keep customers, clients and the general public happy with what you are trying to do for them and you want to keep your business or your event running smoothly which will keep you happy and that means putting in the time and effort to do it right the first time.

Successful Leaflets

The best leaflets are the ones that use all the features listed above to the best of their abilities. They are also the ones that work hard on the product they will be producing every step of the way from the first sentence to the area where it will be distributed.

This means paying attention to the details of what is on the door drop to making sure it is getting to the right people who would be interested in what you are trying to do such as if you are offering lawn services, there is no point at distributing the flyers at the local college. It is better to send it to one particular area of neighbourhood that your business would fit the best.

There are companies that can help you design and even distribute the leaflets as you need. They will add to the costs associated with their creation, but if they are a professional company, they should have quality people on staff to not only print high-quality flyers but to distribute them in a manner that represents your company.

They are often worth the extra expense if you a well-established business that is looking to bring in new business. This can be a cost that is easily absorbed into your budget.

If you are new and just starting out, you might look to keep the costs down by investing in high-quality materials and doing it yourself. Just make sure your final product comes out looking professional.

Every flyer represents your business so it is worth the extra time it will take to make sure every word is right and that the glossy paper you have selected will hold up to the rigors of the mail and any weather that could potentially damage them.

Look to spend money to make money just do it efficiently and to your best advantage. Hope you've learned how to make a good leaflet and what it takes to create a winning flyer for your business. If you need help with your leaflet design or leaflet distribution, feel free to drop us a call and one of our leaflet marketing specialists will assist your leaflet marketing needs.

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