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How to distribute leaflets effectively? The secret is in identifying the most bang for your buck, as the saying goes, and pinpoint the best areas for your campaign. Your flyer design also plays a huge part in your leaflet distribution as well as your offer and the call-to-action on your leaflet.

Over the years, studies have shown that leaflets are the most effective type of marketing and advertising and it is also affordable. Because of this proven track record, it would be an absolute waste of a great marketing tool to design and print out a well thought out and comprehensive leaflet and then have a bogus distribution system.

Hiring that young neighborhood kid or a cowboy outfit to distribute the fliers may not produce the responses you are aiming at. You have to change who distributes your leaflets!

All this is summed up by Kurt Vonnegut’s saying, “In this world, you get what you pay for.” In the end, cheap is expensive because it will cost you more if you do not have the right leaflet delivery company.

You might have felt the brunt once but as you know, once bitten, twice shy – do not panic. We are here to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of using an unreliable and unprofessional leaflet delivery company. It is actually quite easy to find the right delivery company.

All you need is to conduct a thorough background check and research on the different companies, compare their reviews and even talk to their current and previous clients on their experience. This little effort now will go a long way in saving you precious time and money later on.

#1 Find a good distribution company.

The search for the right leaflet distribution company starts by inserting the words “leaflet distribution” followed by the area code you are looking to distribute to on the search engine. A myriad of results will come up and it is not time to ask those serious questions to help you narrow down to the best, reliable and professional company for you to ask for their services.

#2 Decide on a type of distribution.

The following are the three main leaflet distribution services we offer at Leaflet Distribution Team that is also offered by other distribution companies offer.

Door to door leaflet distribution.

This is the oldest form of leaflet distribution. It gets the fliers directly to the hands of the prospective customers through their letterboxes.

This form of distribution registers the highest number of positive responses. 79% of people who receive the leaflets on their doorsteps read them, pass them on, keep them or glance at them according to research done by the Direct Marketing Association.

Door to door leaflet distributions can be conducted in two ways by distribution companies. There are the solus plans (solus) and the shared plans. Solo, otherwise known as Solus is the most effective form of door to door distribution but it is also the most expensive one.

In the solus plan, the recipient/homeowner receives your leaflet alone and this eliminates any form of competition for the recipient’s attention. If he or she only has one thing to read, then he or she is most likely to read it.

When looking for a leaflet distribution company to conduct door to door distribution of your fliers, be sure to mention your specific needs and inquire if it is possible for them to customize the delivery plan according to your desires.

Mention such things as the specific streets or areas you want to reach. Also, inquire if they have a plan that ignores distribution to flats or council houses. Ask those specific questions to ascertain whether this is the right distribution company for you.

The shared distribution plan is slightly cheaper and you may decide to go down this route. In this plan, your leaflets will be delivered alongside leaflets and fliers of other companies.

Despite the fact that all these leaflets are fighting for the attention of the homeowner, it is advised that your leaflets are not delivered with those that present a competitive advantage in terms the content on the leaflets.

It is okay for your leaflet that has the message on your small stationery business to be delivered with a restaurant flier. Overall, however, a shared delivery plan will lessen the impact of your leaflet as compared to a solus plan.

Another way to distribute your fliers is by placing them in free local newspapers. This method gets the fliers to the hands of the homeowners but your leaflet may be invisible to them as it is competing with current news that the reader may be more interested with.

It is better to print an ad on the local newspapers as compared to placing your fliers in them.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution.

This is where your leaflets are handed out to people in the streets. It is best to work with a savvy operator whose team of sales people are friendly and will be able to answer any questions as they hand out the fliers. It would also be a bonus to have the team of distributors in a t-shirt, coat or cap with your brand name on it to boost memorability.

Location and the time of distribution are very important in hand to hand distribution of fliers. It is best to target busy shopping centers and malls as well as public transportation hubs like the bus or train stations during rush hour when there are as many people as possible.

You can also scout for festivals, shows and sports events where crowds are large to distribute the fliers. All these are great areas to start. Branding and getting people to be aware and conversant with your business is a great way to attract more business. People are likely to contact you if they have heard about you before.

They are also likely to refer you to their friends and family if anyone is asking for the product or service you are offering. A smart move would be distributing your fliers where people are making long queues as they would actually read them to kill the boredom.

Always seek to provide something extra and this could be that edge that separates you from your competitors and it inches you closer to getting your customers’ attention. This could be the difference between a missed opportunity and a crucial sale.

Business to business leaflet distribution.

The product or service you are offering could be targeting a different kind of demographic that door to door and hand to hand distribution may not be able to access. You may be targeting Information Technology companies, NGOs or business parks and all these would require a more specialized form of leaflet distribution.

Such places as cafes, shops, gyms, hospitals, bookstores, takeaways, pubs and even schools are best to have your leaflets displayed. This is because a specific type of clientele is aimed at. If you are running a gym, you can have your leaflets at a hospital’s waiting area and the other way around.

Ensure that both businesses can complement each other as it is the only way that the fliers can be displayed. They have to get something in return.

#3 Initial consultation and due diligence.

It is not about just stumbling on a distribution company and hoping for the best. It is about shortlisting the possible candidates and then checking their websites with a very keen eye.

Look out for professionalism, trust, reliability, and affordability. Also, ascertain how long they have been in business to determine their experience.

Also, ask about their minimum or a maximum number of fliers to distribute. Most companies do not distribute less than 5000 leaflets per company. Their campaign strategy should also suit your needs well, that is, the intervals of their drops.

Enquire about spot check and how they perform them to follow up on the productivity of their distributors. Ask if they will pick the leaflets from you or you will have to drop them at their offices. This sounds like a minor detail but it will save you confusion on the day of the drops.

Customer service is a crucial part of leaflet distribution. It is the only way you can determine if they treat their customers in the right way and if their services are worth paying for.

This information will be found in the testimonials section of the website. Look out for reviews that describe the services in-depth. A repeat client is also a sign that their services are worth it. Also, look out for the company in independent review sites such as TrustPilot.

Social media will also be a great platform to determine which shortlisted company is the right one to work with. Go on their Facebook page, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and look at what other users are saying about their services and if they recommend them.

You will also find out about clients that were not fully satisfied or felt that something should have been done differently. You will also find responses from the companies and this will give you an idea of how they solve their issues with their clients.

If no response is given to a complaint, they may not be the best fit because you do not want to work with a company that ignores its clients after taking their money.

Their response to negative customer feedback will also tell you if they are calm, professional and reasonable or they lash out at them because of their thin patience.

Do not to be treated any different if you go ahead and place your order with a company that has complete disregard to their clients.

#4 Put effort in the Planning Process.

With advancement in technology, the use of GeoPlan in the leaflet distribution campaigns would make the process easier to track. The GeoPlan is sophisticated mapping software that provides a detailed breakdown of every geographical area in the United Kingdom.

It also has a StreetFinder feature that was specifically designed for door to door leaflet distribution. This helps companies to easily plan, forecast costs and implement their leaflet delivery campaigns.

The GeoPlan is not a cheap investment and if a distribution company decides to purchase it, it shows their commitment to their business and clients.

#5 Perfect Pitch.

If your shortlisted companies meet all the requirements, it is time to look at the cost of using their services. This can be done by requesting a free, non-obligatory quote from them all and then compare the prices. Note down ALL they are prepared to do for YOU.

Know exactly where and when your leaflets will be distributed and how much all these will cost you. Price comparison will help you decide on the distribution company that best suits your needs and the cost is within your budget.

The extensive research you have done on the company you settle on should give you the confidence that they will do a great job in distributing the leaflets and getting the word out.

Brand awareness is the most important reason for leaflet delivery campaigns as it creates a rapport and familiarity with the prospective clients.

This will, in turn, generate responses that you are looking forward to handling. A good pitch should lead to the generation of leads, an initial sale and repeat customers coming for more.

If you need a reliable leaflet distribution company, we can definitely help.  Leaflet Distribution Team is not one of those flier-by-night operations.

We are a company committed to excellence and this has been proven by our track record of continuously delivering successful leaflet distribution campaigns for over a decade. Our motto is quality and trust which we take into every campaign we take on since we started.

We are a local company based in London and we provide services across the country. Other than leaflet we provide event marketing and street promotion and have amassed valuable expertise in the area too. We have so far worked with global brands such as Adidas, Footlocker, Fabric, Ministry of Sound and Global Gathering.

Our promotional distribution services include:

  • Retail distribution and shop drop – Everyday, businesses are being updated and Leaflet Distribution Team make sure that our clients out there get the updated versions of their favorite stores, hairdressers, bars, hotels, clubs, and record labels.
  • Postering on shops and other places – This ensures that information on your business is visible to as many people as possible.
  • Flier packs – they are stacked up in public places such as cafes so that the general public can access. They are also distributed in popular nightclubs during the weekends.
  • Hand to hand flyering – we have a team of distributors that will be at your venue of choice on time, to hand out fliers to your target audience.

#6 Tracking your success.

A successful leaflet distribution campaign will end in keep track of the responses from the customers. This can be done through:

  • Including an offer that is limited to a certain period of time
  • Offering a discount or a third one free
  • Adding a special barcode that can be used during check out
  • Inviting responses by asking a question like where they heard about you from
  • Monitor if there was an increase in the number of calls and emails after the leaflet distribution campaign.

All the information gathered from the responses will help you learn and use them in the next campaign.

We hope this has helped you learn how to distribute leaflets effectively. Let us know your thoughts below.