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How much does leaflet advertising cost?

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So how much does leaflet advertising cost? On average, you can expect to pay no less than £300 when all the necessary costs are included such leaflet design cost, printing costs, and the distribution costs.

To print 5000 A5 leaflets, double-sided on 135gsm paper you are looking at around £55.95 including VAT from our printing team.

For design, you can either do it yourself free of charge using design software like Canva or you can have it done from us too for £40-£70, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Leaflet distribution costs vary depending on the type of leaflet drop campaign you are running. For shared distribution leaflet distribution, you can pay from £25 per 1000 leaflets to £40 per 1000 leaflets. Solus leaflet distribution is a bit more premium so you can expect to pay £60-£90 per 1000 leaflets.

There are a variety of leaflets available that an individual can choose.  How much those leaflets cost will vary depending on the type of leaflet you are going for. For example, the cost of using a brochure, a flyer or a pamphlet tends to vary depending on the size, quantity and the quality of the printing paper used.

Leaflet & Flyer Design Cost

Combining Print and Digital Marketing

The first thing we are going to have a look at when it comes to our question ‘how much does leaflet advertising cost?’ is the cost of the flyer design and how much you can expect to pay.

Brochure Design Cost

The cost of designing a brochure ranges between £15 and £150 depending on the quality of the brochure. There are various ways in which brochures can be used. For instance, it tends to focus more on grabbing customer attention with punchy taglines and other great visuals especially, when the brochure is intended for the mass giveaway.  

These brochures give a general overview of the objectives and what the company offers to lure the readers to contact the company for more information. 

The amount of design work and the number of pages will determine the cost of designing the brochure, more design work means you have to pay more.  You can get a design through outsourcing, where you can place your brief in a website offering such services and wait for a series of designs.

For as little as £15 you can get a simple brochure design. However, outsourcing does not guarantee a unique design. You cannot tell whether the design will have a professional look, or will suit your business needs when you resort to cheap brochure design website. 

Most websites require that you only produce multiple logos and images and you will receive a tri-fold within three days for £150. It is important that you consider the company’s objectives and the type of market it is intended for.

Important factors to consider when designing a brochure

  • First, you have to know what marketing collateral your nearest competitors have in place before coming up with a design.
  • Ensure the design makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors for the right reasons.
  • The design should enhance brand recognition and should be fully branded by with the right tone of voice.
  • The design should have a perfectly balanced outlook with an efficient combination of images and contents.
  • The design should appeal to your intended market, to ensure efficient delivery of your key ideas from the front cover and beyond.
  • The design should be appropriate for how the brochure is going to be used.

Flyer Design Cost

The general cost of designing a flyer will be about £15 – £60 wherein extreme circumstances it might go up to as high as £150. The cost of designing a flyer with a professional outlook is not that substantial especially when the leaflets are printed from the same company. It is advisable that the price is set first before the work starts, this is because per hour pricing tends to reward inefficiency.

An increase in the number of images in the flyers leads to increased prices as they have to be purchased. Some companies may sometimes offer free designing services, therefore, it is a cost-efficient way to print and design leaflets.

Pamphlet Design Cost

When it comes to pamphlets the price will vary depending on the number of pages. Pamphlets meant for corporate functions up to 10 pages cost around £90-£300 depending on the complexity and design of the pamphlet.

Leaflets, flyers & brochures Printing Cost

leaflet distribution prices

How much does it cost to make leaflets?There are various things that affect the cost of your printing; size, thickness, and finish. 

A4 Leaflet Printing Cost

How much do leaflets cost to make relies on some parts on the paper you will use. Printing a single-sided A4 paper costs about £140 while a double-sided A4 paper will cost £155 per 5000 leaflets. An A4 paper is perhaps the most popular paper when creating a brochure. It has a dimension of 297mm high x 210mm wide which is approximately 11.68inches x 8.27 inches. Typically the paper covers an area of 0.65 square foot. When creating an A4 brochure, you can only design it to be a folded A3 page. Therefore, it is always vital to account for the margins and bleeding area. 

A5 Leaflet Printing Cost

Printing a single-sided A5 paper costs about £50 while a double-sided A5paper costs £55 per 5000 leaflets. The A5 comes as the runner-up after the A4 in terms of popularity. Typically, an A5 brochure is A4 pages folded which is a compact brochure that allows you to include only the most important information for your customers. 

However, there is still sufficient space for creativity especially when used to showcase product images.  It has a dimension of 210mm high x 148mm wide which is approximately 8.27inches x 5.83 inches. It is important to take into account the bleed and margin dimensions for efficient usage of the area when designing an A5 brochure.

A3 Leaflet Printing Cost

Printing a single-sided A3 paper costs about £215 while a double-sided A4 costs about £240 per 5000 leaflets. The A3 is another popular brochure size, an A3 brochure is a folded A2 page which is commonly used in brochures with fewer pages due to the extra cost associated with printing larger pages.

However, they do offer adequate space to be creative especially when showcasing numerous products. The A3 pages have a dimension of 297mm high x 420mm wide which is approximately 11.69inches x 16.54 inches. The dimensions are somehow similar to the length of an A4 page and width of an A2 page.

Different paper thickness

How much does it cost to make leaflets depends partly on paper thickness. Paper thickness usually matters when we talk about cover stock, which is simply the measure of the thickness of a sheet of paper in terms of hundredths of inches.

We usually express the thickness of a paper in terms of points. A point is about one thousandth which is about .001 inches. This implies, a paper with 20pt is 0.02 inches thick while that with 10pt is 0.01inches thick. 

On the other hand, the weight of a paper is difficult to define because it varies from country to country. The universal measurement comes from measuring the weight of a particular ream of paper. The papers are normally weighed in stacks of 500 sheets. If 500 sheets weigh 65pounds the paper is called “65 lb cover.”

 There are three common methods of specifying the weight of a paper, the GSM which measures the density of the paper (g/m^2), the Caliper which measures the size of the paper based on inches and the U.S Basis Weight in which measures papers in the form of pounds or lbs.

A paper that is thick and has a higher weight tend to be more durable than the light and thinner papers. Sometimes you can encounter thin papers with a higher weight, but it is almost impossible to find a thick paper with less weight. The choice will always be determined by the size of the campaign and the size of the business.

Different paper finish (gloss, matte etc)

How much does Leaflet Distribution Cost

The quality of the paper finish affects the overall leaflet cost. Different paper finish tends to improve the overall quality of your prints. For example, crystal laminate gives a bright color with maximum glare reduction.  There is the Matte laminate which only works where there is nominal glare reduction. We can as well use the Gloss laminate to give a glossy photograph a ‘wet’ look. When prints are expected to last, a display board is recommended which is somehow similar to the foam-core board only that it is much tougher.

Door to door Distribution Cost

Leaflet Success Rates

So far we have covered the print and design cost in order to get to the bottom of our topic question how much does leaflet advertising cost you ask? Well, an answer to this question would not be complete without checking in with the distribution costs.

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Cost

The cost of distribution ranges between £30 and £55 per every 1000 flyers for regular distribution. However, for customized distributions, the prices can rise to £80 per hour. Most distribution firms tend to charge by the hour for services or per 1000 flyers.

It may take months or weeks for consumers to make purchasing decisions, therefore, distributing flyers after that period of time will create a lasting memory on the minds of the consumers. You can use customer profile to identify where they frequent, then you can try to increase the coverage in such areas to improve on the exposure.

Shared Distribution Leaflet Distribution Cost

The cost of carrying out a shared distribution ranges between £15 and £35 per every 1000 flyers. A shared distribution is usually a more cost-effective way of marketing products due to its affiliation with the Royal Mail which offers specific postcodes that facilitate targeted distribution throughout the United Kingdom.

Solus Distribution Leaflet Distribution Cost

The cost of carrying out a Solus distribution is about £50 per 1000 flyers. It is a premium door to door service which is exclusively available around the Yorkshire region.  Here, flyers are delivered without any marketing materials.

Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution Cost

Hand to hand distribution costs between £15- £22 per hour. It is an effective method of distribution especially when the region is densely populated. A person can easily deliver about 550 flyers per hour in such areas. However, in suburban regions with low population density, the cost is much higher as the region to be covered is much greater.

Street Marketing Cost

Street marketing is a cheaper way of advertisement and can cost as low as £10 per every 100 flyers. It uses non-traditional methods and advertising space to gain the attention of the public. Few posters or flyers are required as they can be strategically placed on densely populated places.

It is usually confined in the streets or public places such as the train station, airport or important events. This has become a new way of connecting to customers and consumers as the effectiveness of traditional marketing has declined. The principle here is to place ads where people least expect.

For example, instead of using billboards, you can place an ad where people buy tickets at the train station. The majority of people must pass through this spot before boarding the train, therefore, a significant number will likely to see the ad. During special events such as weddings, ads can be placed in the washrooms. With all the food and drinks, more people are likely to see the ads once they visit the washrooms.

We hope that has answered the question ‘how much does leaflet advertising cost?’ Let us know your thoughts. 

Is leaflet advertising expensive compared to other forms of advertisement? A leaflet advertisement can be categorized as a paper advertisement. It is cheaper compared to other forms of advertisements when the intention is to reach only a small section of a population in a concentrated region such as a neighborhood, town or a city. Leaflet cost and leaflet price are substantially lower compared to online advertising, even newspaper and magazine advertising.

What are the benefits of using leaflet advertising? Leaflets are cheaper to produce compared to other digital forms of advertisements. It includes detailed information as compared to digital advertisements that use few words, they are visually pleasing therefore attracting more potential customers. 

How much does it cost to print 1000 leaflets UK? It costs about £10 to £15 pounds to print 1000 leaflets on A5 double-sided 135gsm paper. This is purely printing cost only and does not include the leaflet design price and distribution.

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