So just how many leaflets can you deliver in an hour? In this article you'll learn the possible number of leaflets that can be delivered and what affects the delivery of those leaflets.

Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential clients directly. Therefore, it is understandable that every business owner will like to execute their marketing using leaflet in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

To achieve such goals, the overall marketing campaign must be done in a timely fashion. Hence the question, how many leaflets one can deliver in an hour?

On the other hand, the answer isn’t so straightforward, but we will be sharing crucial information on factors that would enable you share a sizable amount of leaflet in an hour.

Some of the things to consider, is the target area, the layout of the area, how many flyers can be carried at a go and many more.

How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour? The standard recommendation is that a leaflet distributor should be able to deliver 700-1000 leaflets in a 7-hour working day. To be more realistic, delivering up to 1000 flyers a day, even if the houses are tightly packed, might be a difficult task. The reason being the density of the area you are targeting is one of the most vital factors to consider. The more densely populated the area is, the more leaflets you can deliver and visa-versa. In some areas, you might only be able to deliver 300-400 leaflets per working day.

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There comes the problem of how many leaflets you can carry at once, how mobile you are, and how easily accessible are the houses. Leaflet distributors then try to solve this problem by having a target, often 400 leaflets at a go, to lessen the bulkiness. 

How long does it then take to deliver 400 leaflets? Going by the simple analogy made above of 700-1000 leaflets in a day, it is safe then to conclude that it will take about half a 7- hour working day to deliver 400 leaflets, i.e. roughly 3-3.5 hours.

There are times it takes less or more than that time to deliver, but on the average, and all things being equal, 3 to 3.5 hours should be enough to deliver 400 leaflets.

How to Distribute Flyers Door to Door

Door to door delivery is about one of the best ways to get your brochures directly to your customers.

More often than not, when people get leaflets at their doorsteps, rather than look away, they either read it, take a glance, or even pass on to other people, all of which is still well within the purpose of distributing the flyers in the first place.

The most effective form of door to door leaflet distribution is by a method called Solus.   Solus letterbox delivery is such that your leaflet gets to its destination on its own with no other booklet sharing its space.

With this, you are sure that the problem of distraction is solved. Also, the hustle to get your customers’ attention is gone.

It does happen that you have specifications for the delivery of your leaflets; probably you have a list of target streets, postal codes, and so on.

To meet these needs, before proceeding, confirm what various leaflet distribution company offers and to see if it matches your needs (delivery to the streets and postal codes of your choice). Also, check if the delivering services include council houses and flats.

While Solus is an effective method of distributing flyers door to door, it is also the most expensive because of the reason above mentioned- your flyers and leaflets are distributed on their own to your preferred destination.

Leaflet Distribution Prices in London.

It is essential to state that leaflet distribution prices in London are not uniform. Quite many companies pay with the minimum wage while some others pay below. Companies usually charge per 1000 leaflets. 

The price they charge depends largely on your type of delivery. For solus distribution, most companies charge as high as £50 to £95 per 1000 flyers. 

The price, although high, reflects the nature of delivery (your leaflets will not be packed with others during delivery). It also comes with some benefits at times including full GPS tracking and comprehensive targeting.

If you do not mind the company delivering your leaflets with other non-competing flyers, you might have cut your cost down a bit.

Usually, the cost of distribution is about £30 to £48 per 1000 leaflets. It is slightly different, however, for companies working with minimum wage.

Leaflet dropping rules:

•    Get legal: Without a permit, you cannot distribute flyers in major United Kingdom Cities. The result of the United Kingdom introducing in 2005, the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act prevents such activities.

Pronouncement of this act was to mitigate the issue of litters in the environment. It is then, not too much of a task, to be on a safer side to seek legal advice on how to get permits for your target areas.

•    Get your staff informed: In cases where the method you adopt for your leaflet distribution is hand to hand, there definitely will be the need for interaction between your team and the customer.

It is not enough for your team to give the customers the leaflets and take a turn. Make sure to get the staff that will have firsthand information about your business and take advantage of that marketing opportunity by further educating your customers about what you do.

•    Pay attention to your staff’s dressing: More often than not, the way your team appear to customers affect the kind of audience they get. When your staff dress casually, it sends some wrong impressions to customers. Putting your staff in nice uniforms is a kind of branding for your business.

Over time, when the outfit appears, your products come to your customers’ minds. Also, apart from the branding, nice uniform for your staff often means you are professional with what you do.

•    Right timing: Timing is a very crucial factor in successful leaflet drops. Every person you want to get in touch with has different time schedules. It is now up to you as a leaflet distributor to strategise and make sure you fit in their time schedules to cover more grounds.

For instance, for hand to hand delivery, people are likely to give you more audience when they are heading back home rather than in the morning when they are rushing to work. But because you also have time to limit yourself, why not target their lunch hour and enter restaurants to meet with people?

Take note of happenings in your target environment per time. Parties take place in some areas by weekends, and it is also not a bad idea to extend your leaflet distribution to these parties.

•    Sponsor events: Sponsoring events often go a long way in boosting your leaflet distribution. When you sponsor events, you get the opportunity to distribute your leaflets to participants of the event either as a package or even at the door as they enter and exit the function.

However, do not just sponsor events, be confident that the event you are sponsoring is related to what you do. It defeats the purpose of sponsoring an event in the first place if the event and what you do have nothing in common.

•    Make the leaflets simple and easy to carry: During leaflet distribution, one of the significant factors customers consider in giving your audience is the size of the flyer you are holding. The ease at which they can carry the leaflets is a very important factor. The leaflets should be easy to pocket. Also, the design on the leaflet should be simple and easy to understand.

•    Always include contact information: Your flyers surely will go further than you expect, and not all of the people who will get to see the leaflets have a personal rapport with you. Most times, after reading your leaflets, people want to get in touch with you but cannot when your contact information is missing.

It is a rule of thumb that in your flyer, you must provide at least two functional phone numbers, your mail address, and your office address. It is all in a bid to ensure you do not miss out on essential feedbacks and ultimately lose potential customers.

In conclusion, the tips share above will help you get the most from your flyer distribution within a specific time frame. There, we advise that you follow them carefully and adjust your strategy based on your current situation to achieve the best result.

We hope that has helped to somewhat answer the question how many leaflets can you deliver in an hour. Let us know what your experiences have been of leaflet distribution.

If you have any other question other than how many leaflets can you deliver in an hour, please feel free to contact one of our leaflet distribution specialists today.

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