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How effective is leaflet distribution?

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How effective is leaflet distribution? That’s a great question and one we get asked quite often. I’ll tell you a short story about the effectiveness of leaflet distribution from a personal experience while providing some real leaflet distribution statistics to bust some misconceptions about leafleting.

My neighbour lost his dog a few months ago while out fishing. After reporting about his lost dog, he printed some flyers with the picture of the dog and distributed them around our neighbourhood.

One week later someone anonymously called him and reported having seen his dog out in the streets. After making a follow-up and searching for a few more days, he ended up reuniting with his dog.

So how effective is leaflet distribution?  Leaflet distribution can be an effective means of marketing that generates leads and sales for almost any company if done correctly. According to industry studies, 48% of consumers respond to leaflet ads while 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to someone, glance over the contents of the flyer. Leaflet distribution has been proven to be an ideal method of marketing when growing a business or even at its infancy.

Apart from delivering your brand to selected demographics, it sends the right message to your target audience. A promotional leaflet regardless of the purpose will be measurable since it asks people to engage with your business, it is direct as it reaches your customer in their homes and it is a cost-effective method.

This 3 elements usually enables a leaflet to gain more customers with diverse brand awareness. As much as some companies may decide to use email or social media to market their products and services, the use of leaflets still remains the most efficient way of communicating their services.

Leaflet Distribution Statistics

Leaflet distribution has been a well-respected marketing method for many years, but its effectiveness is still questioned by many. However, recent research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reveals some surprising facts and stats about the success of leaflet distribution.

Here are some key leaflet distribution facts, which demonstrate the effectiveness of leaflet distribution in reaching potential customers and driving sales.

According to DMA research, 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a leaflet distribution item.

Door drops are glanced at by 78% of consumers and 23% read them properly, while 79% and 32% respectively for direct mail options.

Leaflets with money-off coupons and use-in-store deals are kept by 33% of potential consumers.

48% of consumers visited the shop advertised, requested extra information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through their door.

38% of flyers are kept for at least a few days and 13% are kept for over a week.
Money-off flyers are 50% more likely to be held for at least a week.

Let’s Bust Some Myths About Leaflet Distribution

1 – Nobody Reads it, it Goes Directly to the Bin?!

According to statistics, about 94% of British people read at least one letter every single week. About 2 billion Euros is spent annually on door drops making it the fourth advertising medium in the UK. 

2 – It Is Not Appreciated by the General Public

In the UK, about 68% of the public prefer leaflet delivery to receive Internet ads and watching television ads.  Furthermore, there is the tendency of using advertising blockers among internet users who view those ads as intrusive and irrelevant. The general public is more receptive to leaflets compared to “Junk Mail.”

3 – It Is Not Targeted

Leaflet allows different criteria to be used when targeting an audience. Companies that distribute leaflets have target areas that are regularly updated.

4 – They Say Young People Don’t Like Leaflets

Advertising through leaflets or leaflet distribution is pegged on the life of young consumers which ranges from a toy catalogue to sport club flyers for the teenagers. Young people consider it useful and reliable when reading for pleasure. 

It will always appeal to the younger population when the experiences, events, and promotions are updated to keep them anticipating for future purchases. Young people are always curious and will appreciate being informed of the available offers in their catchment area. Therefore, the population is important for efficient geographic targeting.

5 – The Old fashioned Jibe

As much as the method may be considered old-fashioned when compared to modern digital technology, it will never replace the printed leaflets. The tangible leaflets have a special place in the lives of the general public. About 80% of the public still read print advertisements at least once every week where another 80% have admitted to keeping them for future or immediate use.

With the introduction of the QR codes that capture images and the use of sophisticated technologies such as the augmented reality, the print media has gained a new breath of life. Communication using leaflets is thus enriched with new functionalities that have efficient gains.

6 – Some Even Say Leaflets Aren’t effective

This is another wrong assumption, about 47% of British people usually go shopping after receiving an advertising leaflet. This corresponds to another study which also suggests about 37% of people feel encouraged to visit a store once they have received an advertising leaflet. Therefore, it is true to say that leaflet delivery is by far ahead of other media.

Why Leaflets Are a Great Marketing Tool for Businesses

1 – Leaflets Can Be Targeted to a Specific Population

Leaflet distribution can be organised in such a way that it reaches the homes of your customers. It is more efficient compared to a phone call or a repeated advert on the radio which may sometime be annoying.

Since it allows the selection of a specific area of the target, it includes only the potential customers rather than selecting randomly. This method, therefore, allows for a more specific and effective response.

Leaflets usually arrive with the rest of the daily posts, therefore, they should appeal to your audience and by making them an offer they can take advantage of.  The offer can be in the form of free service or a coupon. You can as well capture the audience’s attention by including the following;

  • A contest
  • An invitation to join you on Twitter or Facebook
  • A discount code that can be used in an online store

It is important that you include the following in your leaflet;

  • Your website URL
  • Your business address
  • Phone number
  • Opening times and
  • Email address

2- Leaflets Are Solid and Tangible.

The fact that a leaflet is tangible there is no chance it can be missed. The use of other electronic methods can lead to miscommunication as they can be deleted even without being opened. Most people tend to only open emails that they know the sender or when they understand the subject line.

Once the email has already landed on the hands of an individual, it has already made a stronger impression compared to that of a spam email or social media status. It is clear that emails can be deleted and social media statuses can be ignored, but it is difficult to put a leaflet inside a bin without looking at the design and its content.

A leaflet becomes the selling point for your business when it attractive and professionally presented. If the leaflets are of high quality they will promote professionalism and value for money, while poorly designed leaflet will discourage customers from purchasing your services. 

3 – A Leaflet Engages Your Audience

A leaflet will always make sure your target audience is engaged with your business, whether by calling the company or when returning postcards the following day. It is always advisable that you request some kind of feedback once your leaflet is delivered.

You might as well provide an expiry date to trigger early responses from your audience. You can measure their responses by setting up an email address or a webpage.

Leaflet delivery is alive and effective, we are going to debunk some of the assumptions people make about leaflet distribution performance and how leaflet delivery disapproves some of the pre-conceived ideas and other new threats. Some of the assumptions or myths include;

  • People do not like leaflet distributions
  • Young people do not like it
  • People do not read leaflets that arrive through the letterbox
  • The method does not integrate new technologies.
  • Leaflet delivery can be targeted.

Why Flyers Will Be Used by Businesses for Years

1) The cost of leaflet distribution has remained low all these years. It is considered the most efficient way of advertisement when the company or an individual does not have a huge budget.

2) Leaflet distribution is speedy and generates leads easily. It takes a short time to distribute flyers. When the process is done at the right time and place, it is probably the best way to generate leads.

3) Leaflet distribution allows for the message to reach the correct target audience and getting an immediate reply. When you advertise using a flyer, you don’t have to sit while waiting to get a response. The reply is always almost instant. It is also a simpler medium of reaching your target audience compared to any other medium. The trick is always to set up your flyer distribution site at a place near your target audience.

4) Leaflet distribution has a few limitations when it comes to flyer advertising. There is always the creative freedom to try out whatever you want.

5) Leaflet distribution is old school and this is one of the main reasons why it still appeals to the customer because it is a reminder of the good old days. Flyers usually trigger the curiosity in you, unlike e-mails, people are usually not in a hurry to trash them. This automatically increases the chances of flyers getting read.

6) Flyer advertisement will always be the most affordable way of delivering goods and services to your potential clients. However, it always requires that you select the most appropriate service since it plays a crucial role in advertising your company. It is an attractive way of reaching your potential clients is the best way to showcase your business to customers.

What is the response rate from leaflet distribution? There are many factors that determine the response rate from leaflet distribution. In fact, it varies depending on the method used to distribute the leaflets. However, one of the key findings is that about 89% of consumers prefer door drop mailing more than any other marketing channel.  It has, therefore, become a powerful marketing channel with 45% keeping the leaflets for future references.

Top distribution tips for your flyer printing campaign – Make sure the message is clear and beneficial to your target audience, and the contents on the flyers should not be many as readers do not read all. Working with an A4 is preferred to an A5. Assess the number of people that can be engaged specifically your target audience and remember to include a lucky draw or gift voucher.

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