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The number of people looking for a nice and affordable gym is growing all the time. This demand is great but it also brings new players to the field. Gym promotion is becoming more and more vital for establishing the brand’s popularity and attracting customers.
Are you looking for the best gym marketing ideas? Have absolutely no clue how to market a new gym? We’ve come up with a list of four suggestions that you definitely should try.

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

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People want to join a nice gym close to their home or their office. This is why you should put a lot of emphasis on doing quality local promotion. Door to door leaflet distribution is one of the most effective techniques in this field.
To do gym marketing through door to door leaflet distribution, you need the right partner. We’re one such company. With more than nine years of experience and numerous qualified employees, we’ve executed a range of successful campaigns for multiple clients.
Let us know what your main goal is and where you’d like to have the leaflets distributed. Leave the rest to us!

Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution

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People tend to have numerous questions when it comes to working out and building a healthy routine. Doing hand to hand leaflet distribution is a great option for establishing that contact and boosting engagement.
We can distribute your gym advertisements in a busy part of town and answer the most common questions. The distributors will act as brand ambassadors and help potential clients understand why your gym is superior to other options that the market has to offer.

Walking Billboards

walking-billboard 5
A walking billboard is an exciting opportunity to increase the reach of your gym promotions. The best marketing ideas for gyms are usually the simpler and most affordable ones. Traditional techniques like walking billboards will give you tons of engagement because of the interactive nature of these campaigns.
Walking billboards in a busy part of town will be noticed immediately, especially if you come up with a colourful, clever message. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with campaign planning. Based on the numerous campaigns that we’ve executed, we can help you choose the elements that will deliver the best results.

B2B Marketing through Leaflet Distribution

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Corporate clients tend to be of particular importance for every gym. Don’t underestimate the importance of distributing promotional materials like gym membership promotions among the local companies.
Corporate customers can give you the volume and the number of interactions that you need to boost your popularity. Thus, adding a B2B element to the campaign will make a lot of sense.
Needless to say, we can handle a B2B campaign for you. Let us know where you’d like to distribute the promo materials and if you’d like to target certain types of businesses. Once we have this preliminary information, we can start distributing the materials and increasing the popularity of your gym among the local professionals.

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