Considering using flyer marketing but not sure how to make it work for your business? In that case, this article will be right up your alley!

Using flyers is a terrific way to sell your business from the start up to the professional that is well established. It is cost-effective and a guaranteed way everyone you wish to see your message will see it. 

Flyer marketing not new and it does not fit into this technologically forward world, but still is a very good way to bypass the clutter of the technological inbox and help people see and read what you have to offer.

What is Flyer Marketing

Flyer marketing is using an ordinary flyer and making it into a tool to promote your business or special events that are coming up.

It is a type of direct service marketing that makes it so the message that needs to be heard is delivered directly to the customer or potential customer.

This is often done through the use of door-to-door leaflet distribution or business-to-business marketing. This makes sure that a particular group of people see your message and that the area selected will work the best for your needs.

Uses of Flyers

There are many uses for flyers for all kind of business and events. They are a very cost-effective and versatile way of communicating with the general public or with a business that you want to communicate with.

1.Communication with homeowners:

Using door-drops is a good way to communicate with the general public about services your business is able to render them. You can send coupons and general information to them to solicit them to use your business for particular services.

2.Communication with Businesses:

Flyers are a good way to talk with businesses about using services you are willing to do for them such as cleaning their offices or offering to remove the refuse. They are made aware of your services and you are given the opportunity of picking up a new client

3.Community Events:

Using flyers can alter the general public with upcoming events such as concerts happening in the local park or a poetry reading at the local coffee shop. This is a good way to communicate with the people about events they should know about.


These are often distributed on the street to give people a complete list of foods people can buy for themselves if they frequent certain eateries. This is the most likely to be kept when passed out because if it has the prices listed with all the items, people will use it as a quick reference for whatever they might be hungry for.

5.Discount coupons:

If you are informing the public about events or business offers, it is always good to offer a coupon or extra discount to encourage them to contact you. If something has a coupon, people are more likely to hold onto it for future use.

What makes a good flyer?

What makes a good flyer depends on the type of information it needs to convey and whether it is being used for a business or whether it is for general public information. A good flyer has the following regardless of the type of flyer it is:


The headline is the most important part of the flyer. Without a good headline, you will not be able to hook the reader into reading more. People generally do not read beyond the most prominent information. This part of your flyer you will want to work the longest on as if it is not good, people will not want to read the rest of what you will need to tell them.

2.Target Audience:

You need to know who you are directing the flyer to. If you are a small business for cleaning homes, you will not want to direct the flyers to a college campus. Most of the students will not be interested and it makes more sense to send them around a neighborhood you would like to clean in the best area possible.

3.Call to Action:

A Call to Action is the encouragement for the potential customer to do something and contact you for more information. This is good for businesses, but it is also good for events where you want people to participate or be engaged in some way. It is a kind of command for the reader that you want them to act on.

4.The Back Side:

The backside of a flyer is as important as the front. You can have the bulk of your information on the front, but use the back to give more information about the company or venue of the event. You can include a picture to catch the eye of the potential customer or clients just do not waste the space.

5.Quality of the materials:

You want your final product to be a quality item. This means getting it printed right and presenting the world with good examples of your business.

Even if you are just publicising the local DJ that is coming to play at your pub, you want it to be a quality item because it is a representation of your business. Plus, the more attractive you make it, the more potential clients you have.

Benefits of Flyers for Marketing

The benefit of using flyers is that they are not that expensive to produce in large numbers.

You will want to inform people with what your company or business is doing and most likely the numbers you will send out will not come back to you in the form of business or customer contact.

This means that for every 1 person you connect wit through your flyers you will have sent out 100. It seems like a lot of work for little business, but because it is so easy to produce large numbers of them, you will not be set that far back financially and you will connect with a lot of people because even if they do not connect with you now, they know you are there if they need or want them.

It is almost a guarantee that you will be informing the customer of your business or services.

Do Flyers Work for Small Businesses?

Flyers are probably the best way to start a business connection with their local area.

It means direct communication within the local neighborhoods and it is, as stated above, almost a guarantee that they will see and hear your message.

It is also a good way to start collaborating with other local business to create a partnership such as having a company deliver your flyers for you will give both companies business and will make it more likely they will work together in the future.

Best Places to distribute flyers

The best places to distribute flyers depends on the nature of your business because not every type of place will need or want each particular flyer such as if you start marketing your shutter designing business to a local corporation.

You might pick up a client or two, but you would probably have better luck sending the flyer to the local neighborhoods where they would be thinking of taking care of their homes. Good places to distribute flyers are:

1.Door-to-door leaflet distribution:

Door-to-door distribution means send flyers to the local homes you most want the business from. This means doing it yourself or you can also hire a professional company to do the distribution, but this will eat into your final costs and profits and is not the best idea for a small business just starting out.

2.Hand-to-Hand leaflet distribution:

Hand-to-hand: Hand-to-hand distribution is good for getting a message out to the common person on the street. It is good to let people know of a local chain’s menu or the local pub’s latest band that is coming in.

It is good for small local communication of events and to distribute coupons to encourage people to use the services of the company or start eating at the local establishment because if you provide people with a coupon they will want to take advantage of service for a discounted price.

3.Business-to-business leaflet distribution:

Business distribution is good for the company that wants to solicit the business of another company to offer its services to it such as if your business is professional office cleaning you would want the local businesses to know you are available to clean their business. It is a good way to work directly with a company to exchange services.

Flyer Response Rate Statistics

Enter your teFlyers do well in the United Kingdom and a lot of information is spread this way every day. The Data and Marketing Association shows that the general population responds well to receiving leaflets and other types of flyers through their mailbox.

In fact, 79% at least glance at the flyer and 71% believe that the coupons they receive this way are useful in their everyday lives. 48% of the consumers visit the shops of the places that get promoted so it is a fair indication that the use of flyers for business and solicitation purposes is the most effective way to do business here...

Marketing Alternative to Flyers

There are many different ways to spread the information you need to convey outside of using flyers you can send digital brochures to your customers or potential customers.

This is free and only requires an internet connection to potentially send out flyers to hundreds of people. You can also use social media to promote your business.

Facebook has become as much a marketing tool as it is a toy and having your own website or Facebook page is a good way for people to review your business or learn more of it if they are interested in using services you offer.

It is also good to start a Twitter account where people can talk about the services you offer and comment on them. There are many digital alternatives available to the people that want to use them.

It is often best for a business to set up multiple ways to promote their business. It is often good to use the tried and true method of flyer distribution because it is more likely to be noticed and not seen as intrusive. It is also a very cost-effective way of doing business.

While other options are free or offer limited time subscriptions, they are easily deleted and ignored in this technologically intrusive time. A flyer is something that can sit on a table and be noticed again and again.

An email is easily deleted and people must want to visit a Facebook website to learn more. Do not rule out the old forms of marketing as they still work well.

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