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The Case
Let down by another leaflet distribution company
The client came to us with 27,000 leaflets from a 50,000 leaflet campaign they had previously booked with another leaflet distribution company.
Their leaflets had been sitting in the other leaflet distribution company’s office close to 3 months when the initial agreed delivery period was 6 weeks.
As you could imagine this client had been really let down and was really anxious to get the remaining leaflets out as they were approaching the end of the quarter and the offers on the leaflets were about to expire. The client had requested that we deliver the leaflets within a 14 day period.

The Solution
With this number of leaflets to deliver in such a short period of time, it was important that we adhered to our quality control procedures and kept our high level of delivery percentage up. We also had to ensure our teams worked had to get the leaflets out and deliver them within the clients desired period.
We designated one of our in-house trained leaflet distribution teams to go to work and deliver those leaflets with the utmost care and quality. The campaign was also assigned its own quality control manager to ensure everything went accordingly.
The Result
We were able to complete the delivery of the campaign within 10 days. We also managed to deliver 97.3% of the leaflets on the first round and redelivered the remaining 3.8% of the leaflets few days later. The client received more enquiries in the first 6 days of our campaign than the whole 3 months the leaflets were with the other distribution company.

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