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Estate Agent Photography Tips: How to Take Amazing Shots Every Time

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Looking for the most comprehensive estate agent photography tips? Perfect! In this article, we will show you how to make sure your estate agent property photos hit all the right notes.

Taking photos is an essential part of the process when you’re trying to sell any property. You want to make sure that you’re putting your best possible features forward to keep current clients and potential clients happy.

Not to mention you want to actually sell the properties that you’re advertising. So, what do you need to do in order to make sure your properties are photographed properly?

We’re going to take a look at some estate agent photography tips you need to know for just that purpose. 

Professional photography holds a buyer’s attention for at least 20 seconds compared to 2 seconds without images. 


Tips for Estate Agent Photos

When you’re talking about your own personal photos you want to make sure you are presenting yourself in a good light.

That means making sure that the photos you have of yourself and your business are high quality and really show off who you want to be seen as.

But let’s take a little closer look at some of the details you need to consider when it comes to your photos.

These tips and tricks should help you make sure that you have a great looking photo that people are going to see and immediately trust.

Full on Photo

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your phot shows you from the front. A side shot that doesn’t show your face is not going to inspire as much confidence as a photo that can clearly show your eyes looking at the photographer.

You can have your head tilted slightly or be looking slightly to the side, but the more of your face that’s visible the better it’s going to look to the person who’s looking over your page and your profile.

Professional Photo

With a professional estate agent photographer:

  • Across the pricing spectrum, on average, homes sell 30%-60% faster
  • These homes sell up to 39% closer to the listing price
  • Sharper images can increase sales, at or above listing price, by 31%
  • Homes photographed by a professional, garner 61% more online views


The photo that you use should be professional. At least, the first one should. At the top of your profile you should have a photo of you that’s commonly referred to as a headshot.

It should show your shoulders, perhaps your arms folded and your head but it doesn’t need to show the rest of your body. And you should look professional.

That means at least a nice shirt and maybe even a jacket and a tie depending on how professional you want to look. If you want to share some ‘personality shots’ do that further down in the profile. 

Good Lighting

estate agent property photos

The lighting for your photo should be good so that you are clearly visible and everything about the photo is in good colour.

If you’re wearing a white shirt but it looks gray because of the dim lighting that’s not going to look good for you. Instead, make sure there’s plenty of light all around you and that all of the colours look like they should.

You should only have to do minimal touchups on the colour once the photo is taken. That’s how you know you’ve got enough lighting.

Remember, this is a professional shot, not an artistic one. So don’t try to play around with specialty lighting in this image. Use that for your ‘personality shots’ later. 

Muted Background

If you’re trying to take a professional shot and the background is wild, loud or patterned it’s going to be more difficult.

Instead, take a photo that has a muted background. It can be a colour but it should be solid or a little more muted.

You should be clearly visible in front of it and you should be the focal point of the image. Sure you might like that special landmark in your town but use a photo in front of that landmark as a shot later in the post.

The first image should be professional and show you as a professional rather than just a member of the community. 

Tips for Estate Agent Photography Part 2

Okay, once you’ve got the right photo for you as the agent, how do you make sure that you’re presenting your properties in the best light?

This is going to be a more involved process because you’re actually taking a whole bunch of photos of the property.

And you want to make sure that you showcase it in a way that’s going to make people want to call you up to get a closer look.

So, how are you going to do that? Well, there are actually a few important things that you need to look at to get the best possible photos of the space. These estate agent photography tips will help.

Estate Agent Photography

Photograph the Highlights

The most important thing is to photograph all of the highlights. If the house has a pool then take a picture of it.

If the house has an amazing kitchen take a picture of that. Even something that doesn’t seem exciting, like an updated water heater, is something to take a photo off.

Basically, if it’s a feature that potential buyers are going to be really excited about you should have a picture and that picture should be high quality so they can clearly see whatever it is you’re showcasing.

Don’t just take a plain photo and leave it. You need something that really shows why that feature is so important. 

Use Good Lighting Part 2

Just like with your professional photos you absolutely need your photos of a home to be in good lighting.

The best thing that you can do is open up all of the curtains and let the natural light in. That’s where you’re going to get the best view of every space.

If there aren’t enough windows in the space or if there’s no way to get the photos at a good time of day then use artificial lights.

Make srue you’re putting enough lighting on the room that it looks bright and open and that potential buyers can see everything about the room. Dim photos aren’t going to sell.

Skip the Filters

Filters are great when you’re taking photos for your blog, for your friends or for your personal use but when it comes to photos that you’re using to try to sell a property you want to avoid them.

Instead, let the lighting and the space speak for itself. That’s where you’re really going to get the attention and the interest that you need and it’s absolutely where you’re going to attract buyers.

If you’re adding filters it looks like there’s something wrong with the house that you don’t want to show the real image (and buyers can absolutely tell a filtered image from a real one).

Estate Agent Photography Tips

Get Full Room Shots

If you take a photo from deep in the corner of a room you can get a full room shot in one image.

While that’s not the only type of images you’re going to want, it’s definitely going to help you showcase more of the house with less images.

Taking a full room shot also gives a good idea of just what the full room looks like including the size and the layout (like where the door is or the closet or bathroom). These features can help a client better picture the home. 

Show the View

If the house is in an area with a great view then show that. Show photos from the backyard or the front yard or the master bedroom window.

Wherever the great views are make sure you’re showing them off. People want to know what it’s going to look like when they’re getting ready for bed or sitting on the couch with the family.

They want to know what their dining room is going to look like when guests come over and more. So show them what the views are from those different windows and let them imagine themselves there. 

Steady the Shot

You need to be able to take a lot of photos over a day and that means you need to keep the camera steady for each of those images.

If the camera shakes it means that you’re going to end up with blurry pictures. Getting a tripod to set up with is one of the best estate agent photography tips you can get.

The tripod lets you set up the shot and get exactly the image that you’re looking for without accidentally moving too far in one direction or the other or shaking and blurring out the image.

Estate Agent Photography Tips

Stage the Space

Staging a home is a great way to get people to really imagine themselves living there. Keep in mind that staging a house is not the same as leaving a lot of items around.

You want to get rid of a lot of the personal items if at all possible and leave things like furniture. This will allow you to create a general idea of what the room will look like when the buyer moves their family in and sets things up for themselves.

You want them to see the house as it could look rather than just seeing a bunch of empty rooms that could seem overwhelming. 

Take More Photos Than You Need

Get as many photos as you possibly can of the space. It’s easy to go through and cull the ones you don’t need.

It’s going to take a lot more work to go back and take additional photos if you didn’t get enough. By taking a lot of shots you might even get something that you didn’t expect or something that really seems great with the right lighting.

Maybe that shot you thought was perfect of the kitchen didn’t turn out so great in reality but luckily you have another five pictures of the kitchen to choose from. It’s going to save you time and effort. 

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is absolutely essential. You may be able to take great looking photos on your phone or with your personal camera but these photos are the ones that are going to sell the property.

You need them to be the highest quality possible. That means you want to make sure that you’re getting someone who really knows what they’re doing.

A professional may cost you a bit more, but they’re absolutely going to help you get a shot you can put on your website, your blog, your marketing materials and a whole lot more. And that’s the hwole point.

Estate Agent Photography

Angle Your Shots

Don’t take a photo that’s dead on for anything. Taking photos from a corner is great because it makes the space look bigger.

On the other hand, if you take a photo straight on then everything is going to look flat. That’s definitely not going to make the property look great and it is going to make people keep scrolling.

Sure it might not be a deal breaker, but you want to make sure you’re presenting the space from the best view possible and that starts with angling your shots to make the spaces look fuller.

Take Videos

estate agent video walk through

Videos are always a great idea as well. If you can do a full walkthrough of the house you’re going to get even more interest than if you were to just take some static photos of the space.

Here is a cool tutorial on how to make professional walkthroughs and easily edit them on your phone.

A video tour or walk-through is definitely going to get people to see more of what the house looks like and how it’s laid out.

Where static pictures make it hard to imagine what the layout of the house is, a video will help them place which rooms are next to each other and how the upper floors or lower floors are laid out.

This might actually help make a decision about whether they like the space.

Another Unique Estate Agent Photos Tip

When it comes to making your space look different from what everyone else is selling there are some key things that you should keep in mind.

These shots and these tips are going to help you get that property sold in no time.

The key is to make sure that you’re really putting your best foot forward and showcasing the unique aspects of the home rather than just the basics that everyone already expects.

Estate Agent Photography

Sunset/Sunrise Shots

If you can get a picture of the house right at sunrise or sunset you’re really going to create a unique look for the space.

You may not want to take the rest of your photos at that time of day because the lighting in the house might not be ideal, but the outside picture you get of the sun just coming over the side of the house will create a beautiful image that makes a great start for your photo album.

Make sure you’re really capitalising on those unique lighting moments.

Drone Shots

If you’re loking for some really good estate agent photography tips it’s to use a drone. If you can get pictures of the home and the property from above it’s going to set you apart.

Sure, more and more agents are using drones to get pictures, but every drone photo is going to be different.

The key is to make sure that you’re getting something that really captures the size of the home and the property and that shows it in the best light.

You don’t get as many setting options with a drone, so make sure you’re working during the best time of day.

Estate Agent Photography

Multi-Level Shots

If you can get a picture of the property that shows multiple levels that’s going to be a great option. It really shows the openness of the house while also showcasing the size.

So, if you can get a picture from the stairs that shows the first floor and the second you’re going to want that shot.

Of course you’re still going to need individual shots upstairs and downstairs, but that multi-level shot is going to help you join the two together and it’s going to give an idea of the eyeline throughout the house.

Estate Agent Photography Tips

Multi-Room Shots

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Show the Area

You aren’t limited to only images of the house you’re selling (though that should be the main focus of the photos).

You can also take a few photos of the surrounding area as long as you clearly state that those photos are not part of the property.

You could show how close the house is to a park or to a store or even what the neighbourhood looks like.

All of these things can help someone really see what the area has to offer rather than just the house, which keeps only interested buyers calling you.

Estate Agent Photography Tips

Highlight the Unusual

If there’s something about this house that’s going to appeal to a specific type of person then you should highlight it rather than hiding it away.

Too often estate agents want to hide away something they think might turn away too many buyers.

The problem with that is you’re going to get people in but they’re going to see that one thing you were tyring to hide and might change their minds.

So, highlight that unique feature instead. You might not get as many viewings, but you’ll get more that are actually interested in the property.

Use the Landscaping

The way the outdoor space looks is definitely going to be an important part of selling the house as well. You want to make sure that you are showcasing the outdoor area to the best possible ability. 

Even if the yard doesn’t look like much or it’s not special you should still show just how much space there is or how that space could be used. 

It’s going to attract people who want something a little more unique and these estate agent photography tips are going to help you get even more interest.

Estate Agent Photography ideas

Use a Unique Perspective

Not all of your images have to be taken of the same floor that you’re on. You don’t need to just focus on first floor shots from the first floor or second floor shots from the second floor.

Use the angles and any landings you might have to get unique shots that are focused in different areas.

You’ll want to highlight what you can see from above or below. For example, you might want to take a shot from an upstairs landing to show the first floor entryway.

These images are going to give a different perspective for the potential buyer.


If you’re looking to sell any kind of property you want to make sure that you have the right material to do it.

Having the right photos is only going to be one part of the process, but it’s an extremely important one.

We know that buying a house is going to be very much about what you see and the better the photos are the more likely someone is to want to see the property that you have to offer.

Plus, they’re going to be more likely to be really interested when they get there.
If you’re still looking for additional marketing materials to really get people to know who you are and what you have to offer make sure you get in touch with our team.

We can help you with your estate agent marketing materials including flyers, pamphlets and more. Not only that but we can help with the distribution of all those flyers to make sure everyone in your area is aware of what you do and how they can get in touch with you to get the best possible service.

After all, you want to make sure that you have the steady business you need for yourself and for all of your clients. 

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