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Best Estate Agent Leaflets Ideas (8 Real Examples)

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Looking for some estate agent leaflets ideas to increase your brand awareness and boost sales? Read on because you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we cover 8 great ideas to help you with your leaflet marketing.

Estate agent leaflets consists of one or several folded pages. It offers space to show the products or services you present. Keep in mind that your estate agents flyer is not a catalogue.

Therefore, it should be used for special occasions, such as open house events, and when you want to advertise properties you have sold in order to attract new buyers and sellers..

If the goal is mainly informative, then choose foldable design. Unlike booklet or brochure, leaflet is much more compact and easier to read with simple texts, few images and above all, practical information for which it is useful to have it available.

Estate Agent Leaflets

Before designing or creating a leaflet, it is essential to have in mind the objective you intend to achieve. An initial briefing will therefore be necessary between you and the graphic designer. Sometimes it is also important to involve various professional figures in the business.

Whom is the brochure intended for? It is important to establish the concept, during the briefing phase, not only the selling target but also the methods and circumstances in which the brochure will be distributed to the potential customer.

Now, that we have clearer ideas about the format and type of message, let’s see how we can make a leaflet more interesting.

The following example will help you to create a strong marketing material on your estate agents leaflet. In this case, try to follow the formula of “FAB”: features, advantages, benefits.

Here is an example:

This house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (feature)
Your family will have enough space (advantage)
Finally, you have no worries to let big families stay together (benefit)

Estate Agent Leaflets Design

Estate Agent Leaflet design

The design of the leaflet should be eye-catching. However, good design is nothing if you can’t present sales material in a proper way. Here are tips worth mentioning:

Don’t be self-referential

Perhaps, the property presentation is good. However, don’t talk too much explaining who you are on the leaflet. The customer is much more interested in what you do, or rather, what you can offer for him. Always put in view the benefits they can get. 

In short, don’t tell him what you want to sell him but what he gains by buying from you.

Use Good Combination of Text and Images

A good leaflet is a perfect combination of text and images. Make sure there is a consistency between the two parts and use attractive images.

Always remember that images and icons help you better identify key concepts and remember them. Images stick in people’s memory better than written words.

Choose the Paper and Format Well 

Each leaflet has a unique story in itself. Each of them creates different emotion. The thickness of the paper, the shine, the feel to the touch, the weight, the size, the shape and the style contribute to enhancing the message.

They are precisely presenting the emotion of an experience. A surfboard salesman, for example, would do well to make a brightly colored brochure, on a less heavy glossy paper.

An antique dealer, on the other hand, should give his customers a traditional-style brochure, made with a heavy and rough paper.

Customers will be experiencing the feel of the paper, recalling the colors of wood, velvet, porcelain, and thus evoking the experience of a visit to his shop.

Your estate agent business is no different. Try to create a design that emphasize your message. Estate agent leaflets need to be able to do this if you want your campaign to be successful.

Be Consistent with Brand Communication

Through the brochure, the company expresses itself. Therefore, it is important that it has a manner of consistency with all the other instruments with which the company communicates.

It can be website, PowerPoint presentations, product sheets, business cards and all the rest. However, beyond the purely visual communication, it is important that the company always speaks with the same tone of voice and the same style that they always use to communicate their values. 

This helps the customer to have a clear perception of the company. Moreover, they will always easily recognize your estate agent among different competitors you have.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) When Designing Estate Agents Leaflets

How do the headings work on leaflet?

When it comes to sales force of leaflets, the headlines are very important. They draw the reader into the booklet. Have the effects of your headlines tested again by different people.

How do the subheadings work?

Such subheadings make it easier for the reader to scan the text and are important anchor points. Check if the subheads match the content or if you are confusing the reader.

Do you use bullets?

Clearly arranged lists are read with pleasure. It should also contain some important features of the house.

Are you addressing the reader directly?

As in any advertising material, your leaflet is also about the potential customer. Avoid to mention ‘I’ or ‘we’. Instead, use the word ‘you’ more often.

Was the text proofread?

Proofreading is essential before printing it. It can be done either by a professional linguist or a linguistically skilled employee.

What is the difference between leaflets and brochures?

The two most commonly confused print formats are Brochure and Leaflet. Both are prints for advertising and composed of a few pages. However, the brochure (booklet) is a printout composed of a limited number of bound pages.

On the other hand, leaflet (folding marketing material) is instead a single printed sheet folded in several parts.

Estate Agents Leaflet Printing

estate agent leaflet printing

What material will the leaflet be made of? What shape and size? These are questions worth asking to yourself before printing the leaflet.

The leaflet is certainly one of the promotional marketing tools usually used by local estate agents.

A tool with a great visual impact that combines the creativity of the word with the imagination and pervasiveness of the images.

Words and images, in short, united in a single powerful device in which art, psychology and emotion give life to an irresistible union.

However, how do you make a successful leaflet which strikes the attention of a potential customer and entices them to take action? Here are things to prepare before printing your estate agent leaflets:

#1 The first impression is important

A leaflet design must strike immediately, at first glance. Therefore, the graphic aspect must be consistent with the type of property you want to represent and promote.

#2 Font choices

The choice of font is an aspect not to be overlooked. However, the most important thing is to limit the number of typefaces to use (2 are fine). Above all, do not use abstruse or excessively sophisticated fonts that divert attention from the contents.

#3 Clear images with good angle

You should always use quality photos and images. If for a budget reasons you have to decrease the printing quality, make sure to check the final results doesn’t look too bad.

#4 Simplicity

It is trivial but true. Simple things are often the best because they come immediately to the point. Therefore, avoid combinations of shapes and colors that are too complex.

Sometimes, a short and insightful phrase is enough to capture the customer’s attention.

#5 Play safe

Creating a successful leaflet does not mean trying to be extravagant or just for fun purpose. Often, the most effective choices are the simplest and most trivial design.

Estate Agent Leaflet Distribution

Estate Agent Leaflet distribution

Who is the leaflet intended for? It is important to establish not only the target. You should keep in mind the ways leaflet will be distributed to the public and how the potential customer will get it.

Generally, you can distribute the leaflet directly to different groups of people or target groups and in specific locations.

You can always distribute the leaflet as an individual (solus) which increases response rate but costs a bit more or with others (shared) which is cheaper but reduces your response rates.

Choose what works for you the best. If you want to distribute them personally, then the same applies as when laying out brochures: ask for permission if possible.

For the successful distribution of leaflets, a good behaviour is important. 

Therefore, be confident and friendly, listen to people in conversational situations and make sure you push them through the letterboxes and closing gates behind you.

If you disturb or do not respect residents’ properties, it will not only lose you one potential client, but also decrease your reputation as a professional.

Ensure that you have chosen the right area to target and you track responses carefully. If you can, try to present your leaflet in local events and other popular gathering areas.

Estate Agent Leaflet Examples


estate agents marketing ideas

It is contemporary design with rounded image, call to action, features of service, and phone number. Ideal to share it on your website, on social networks or to print it.


estate agent adverts

The combination of bright colours with green and blue accent gives this design professional look. The key components of this leaflet are description of their service features, contact details, and suitable image of people moving to new house.


Estate Agent Leaflets

Sometimes, it is essential for you to showcasing the results of what your estate agents can do. This leaflet does a good job.


estate agent flyers uk

People need a reason why they should work with you and not with others. Putting it into a list like this, is a good example.



This leaflet is unique since it has no contact details attached. However, it doesn’t mean that this leaflet useless. In fact, this type of strategy is done by big players out there to emphasise their “brand awareness”. 

Letting people know that they are still exist and provide the service. Remember, this one is only suitable if your brand is well-known enough or your website has been around for years.


Estate Agent leaflets

Sometimes, showcasing the features of your estate agents service is not enough. You have to make people think that yours has ‘something’ others don’t. Saying “we go the extra mile” is one of the way to represent it cleverly.


Letting agent leaflets

If you want to think out of the box with the design, you can try this one. The home-shaped leaflet may let people understand your business before even reading it. The word “free” inside the leaflet will further attract people to contact the office.


Letting agent flyers

We save the best for the last! This leaflet is perfect example that combines unique design with complete, structured information in attractive presentation. People will see why they have to go with this estate agents, the company progress, and more!


Do you wish to boost your estate agent sales in UK? Then creating leaflets is a must. Also, it is not only about the design. It is also how you can convince people to buy from you.

That is why we are here. Our team has helped estate agent agents just like you to make more sales than ever before using our expert’s leaflets designer help. Contact us today before your competitor does!

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