Does Leaflet Distribution Work? Leaflet distribution is something that you absolutely want to succeed at and it’s something that you can, if you understand the way it works. So take a look at the details and the steps you need to follow, here.

Does leaflet distribution work? In a number of different ways leaflet distribution has been proven to work. In fact, research suggests that as many as 79% of people who receive one will either keep it, pass it on or at least look it over. Up to 78% of people who receive one of these leaflets at their door will at least glance at it.

Does flyer Distribution Work

Overall, the success rate of leaflet distribution is relatively high, which means it’s something that you’ll want to take into consideration with your business. Take a closer look at each of these tips and ideas to help you get a good quality leaflet designed for your business.

How to Run a Successful Leafleting Distribution Campaign

When you’re ready to start your leafleting distribution campaign you need to think about a number of different features that are going to play a role.

Each of the features we’ll talk about throughout this section will help you to create a high quality leaflet and make sure that even more potential customers can see what you have to offer.

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1 - Effective flyer design

The first and most important aspect is having an effective design for your flyer. You want something that will really interest your potential customers.

That means making sure that you have utilised white space effectively, that you have added in the information that your potential customers might need to make the decision to hire you and more.

You want things like high quality images and a good layout. All of this is going to take some time to develop, and in most cases it’s going to take a decent amount of money to develop, but you’re definitely going to have more problems with the results if you don’t take these steps. Trying to save money by using less than stellar designs on your flyers is recipe for disaster.

The process is generally going to require you to hire someone, unless you have an in-house design team. You’re also going to need additional support when it comes to getting feedback. That feedback should take place before you start sending out any of your flyers.

2 - Choose the right distribution campaign

Distribution is going to be the next step. You need a distribution team that can provide you with all of the services you’re looking for. You may want different types of distribution such as door to door or hand to hand leaflet distribution.

You may want shared or solus. You may want a company that has a good reputation (that’s what everyone wants, right?). No matter what you’re planning to do with your flyers, you want a distribution campaign and a company that are going to work for the end goals that you have for your company.

That means doing a good amount of research into the skills and the techniques of the company you’re working with.

3 - Door to door leaflet distribution

Does Leaflet delivery Work

Door to door leaflet distribution is actually one of the best ways to go. With this type of distribution you hire a service (or you could do it yourself if you have a lot of excess time on your hands) to hand out your leaflets. 

The service will  walk from one door to the next, in an area that you get to choose, and hand out your leaflets. You don’t have to do anything but choose the company and the area that you want your information distributed to. They do all the work of walking around actually handing them out. That’s definitely going to be a win for you, right?

Plus, with door to door distribution you’re going to have your leaflet dropped directly in the letterbox of each person. This makes it easy and super convenient for them to pick it up, look it over and immediately put it somewhere for safekeeping.

Shared leaflet distribution v solus leaflet distribution

Different methods of distribution are going to be an important aspect as well. You want to look at both shared and solus because these are going to provide your customers and potential customers with a slightly different experience.

With shared distribution your flyer gets put into a set with other flyers from the same distribution team. All of those flyers are put through the letterbox together, so that when the homeowner comes to the letterbox they get all of them at the same time. While highly effective, this isn’t quite as effective as solus.

Solus means that your leaflet is the only one that the distribution team is handing out at that time. They will put your leaflet through the letterbox and no one else’s on that particular day.

That means you’re going to be the only one that the customer sees on that particular day, which means that your effectiveness rate is actually higher.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution

Does flyer drop Work

Handing out flyers and leaflets hand to hand means that you’re going to have someone out on a street or near a particular business handing out the flyer directly to individuals who walk by. 

This can be effective because you only give a flyer to someone who is interested in your business. But on the other hand it’s time consuming because you have to talk to each person before you give them the flyer.

You’ll be able to get a good amount of people to pay attention to you because you’re able to talk to them about your services and what you can do for them.

High street leaflet distribution

Handing out leaflets at a high street can be a great way to reach a whole bunch of people. That’s because those locations are going to give you more access to people. 

These streets are generally near places like shopping malls or train stations (which we’ll talk about in a moment). Or they might be near major city areas and downtown areas. Each of these areas are going to make it easy to find people without you having to go out of your way too much.

Train station leaflet distribution

Handing out leaflets at a train station is going to be an important aspect as well. You can reach a lot of people because train stations are busy day and night. 

They have people coming and going at all hours and they have a lot of them because trains are primarily used for travel or for those who are commuting to home or work.

Event leaflet distribution

When you’re setting up for an event you’re going to want to hand out leaflets as well. After all, you’ll get a large number of people at an event. 

With many events they actually focus on a specific type of event, which means you’re going to reach out to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to the specific people you’re handing leaflets to and make sure they know what you have to give them.


You can get a lot done with your leaflets if you know what you’re doing. This type of distribution will absolutely work and it will absolutely help you to get more business. You just have to make sure you’re pushing forward in the right ways.

Hope you now have an answer to your question does leaflet distribution work and you are able to get the most out of your next campaign.

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