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Do Leaflet Drops Work?

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In this article, we are going to try and shed some light on the age old question ‘do leaflet drops work‘. 

When you’re looking to attract more customers to your business you need the best tools and that’s where a leaflet drop is supposed to help. But you may be wondering do leaflet drops work?

So, do leaflet drops work? Leaflet drops are actually highly effective, gaining the attention of approximately 79% of people who receive them. These individuals will generally either look at the leaflet themselves, give it to someone else or keep it for later.

Understanding just how these leaflets work, however, depends on the different methods that are used in handing them out. Take a look at some of the different options that are available to you and just how you’ll be able to utilise them within your own business.

Types of leaflet drops

There are several different types of leaflet drops that range from the door to door options to ways and locations to hand out leaflets and more.

You might be surprised at just what options are out there and how you can create the ideal leaflet campaign.

It’s up to you to create a high quality campaign and to make sure that you know which of these options are going to work the best for your specific company and your needs. But you can definitely get some great benefits.

Shared Leaflet Drops

The first type of leaflet drops is shared. This means that you would hire a company and would have your leaflets delivered alongside other leaflets.

The company collects orders for delivery from several different businesses like yours. Then, on the day of delivery they take your leaflet and the other leaflets and put them in the letterboxes at the same time.

This type of delivery gives you a good amount of return without having to spend as much in the process. That’s because you’re sharing the cost of the actual distribution with the other businesses that are having leaflets delivered.

Solus Leaflet Drops

If you’re looking to really get the best results from your leaflet drop you can take a look at solus leaflet drops. These mean that you’re not going to compete with anyone to get the attention you’re looking for.

Where a shared drop means that other leaflets are delivered at the same time as yours, a solus drop means that your leaflet is the only one that will be dropped off at that time.

It will cost you a little more for this type of delivery, but you’re going to have more return from potential clients. That’s because you’re going to have no competition in the letterbox.

When they get your leaflet it’s going to be the only one there and that’s definitely going to help you get the attention that you’re actually looking for.

Business to Business Leaflet Drop

Where you deliver your leaflets is another important aspect and one of your options is going to be business to business. With this type of leaflet drop you have a couple of different options.

If your business is something that appeals to other businesses you can hand out your leaflets in much the same way as you would with door to door.

You could have a leaflet delivered to the letterbox of different businesses so that they can see what you have to offer and so they can figure out how to contact you for more information.

If you’re looking to get more attention from the people who are walking into those businesses you can request that the business put up a flyer in their front window or on a board (if they have one) inside the store.

Or you could request that they put out flyers on their counter. These options make it easier for you to get even more customers and to get attention from even more people in your area.

You’ll be able to target businesses that you know your target customers shop at and get a little bit more attention in a much simpler way, because you’re not handing out the individual flyers.

Hand to hand Leaflet Drop

When you hand out leaflets hand to hand you’re going to get even more interaction with the people you’re handing them to. You actually get to take a moment to talk to the people and you get to find out more about what their needs actually are.

This can help you get a more focused group that might be interested in your product, but you’re not going to get as many because you have to take that extra time.

While it might be a good thing to do occasionally, handing out flyers this way could also slow you down.

Leaflet Drops at Train Stations

Another place to hand out flyers is at a train station. Train stations are naturally hubs for a lot of people and a lot of action. 

That’s because people are constantly traveling from one place to the next for fun, for work or for anything else. This means that you’re going to have a large group of people to hand out to. 

Just like with standard hand to hand leaflet distribution, however, you’re going to have more time taken up with talking to the individual people before you hand them a flyer.

Also, you may come across a lot of people that aren’t even from the right area, but just traveling through.

Leaflet Drop on High Streets

Handing out flyers in the right locations is an important step, and high streets are definitely some of the best places to go. You’ll find a lot of traffic in these areas and you’ll definitely be able to attract attention. 

The problems here are the same as elsewhere. You’re going to have to talk to people in order to get the flyers out. And even though there are a lot of them, you’re going to have to take up a lot of your time attempting to get them interested before you’re able to get them to take a flyer.

Leaflet Drop at Events

Events are generally a good place to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. Events are generally focused on a specific theme or type of industry.

This means the people who attend the event are already interested in what you have to offer. On top of that, there are generally a lot of them around.

You just need to find the right events and make sure you can get a spot, whether it’s a table or just standing somewhere inside and handing out your leaflets. The downside here is that you still need to talk to people and get people over to your booth.


Overall, there are a number of great ways that you can get leaflet drops to work for you. The most important thing is to make sure that you’re paying attention to what’s being offered and what your options actually are.

You may be able to get a good amount of attention in various ways and the more options that you combine the better it’s going to be for you.

So, take a look at different ways that you can use leaflet drops and that you can create a great campaign that really gets you the customers you’re looking for.

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