Ever asked yourself do flyers on cars work? Have you been looking at the different ways that you can pass out flyers and wondering if they’re really worth it? Maybe you’re not quite sure what you can do with them or how you should be passing them out.

Maybe you just don’t think it’s going to give you the return on investment that you want. No matter what you’re thinking right now, it’s definitely important that you start looking at the reality.

You may be wondering ‘do flyers on cars work?’ and it’s great to think about, but we’re here to help you answer that question.

Do flyers on cars work?

Do flyers work on cars? The short answer is that they absolutely do. Flyers on cars can get people to think about your company or products even when they’ve never even heard of you before. 

These flyers are going to be right there on the vehicle when someone walks out of a store or an appointment. That means they have very little choice but to at least look at the flyer, right?

And that means you have a few seconds to get them interested in what you’re offering before they decide they don’t need that flyer or your service.

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How it Works

Okay, so just how is it all going to work for you? The first step is that you need to create the flyer. When you create the flyer you want to pay attention to things like what you’re writing, how you’re going to catch their attention and what you’re going to offer.

You don’t have to give a coupon with the flyer, but you definitely need to let them know why they should be interested and what action you want them to take.

Do you want them to visit the store? Do you want them to check out the website or Facebook page? Whatever it is, you have to put that in the flyer.

Add an identifier of some type to the flyer as well. If there’s a coupon on it make sure you’re using a different code than you normally do. If there’s a way to get to your website make sure it’s through a slightly different method.

You want to know just how many people take action based on your flyer so you know just how much of a return on investment you’re actually getting. If you don’t make things unique you’re definitely not going to get that and you’ll never know who got the flyer and acted.

Once you’ve got the flyer made up you need to know where you’re going to send it out. What particular area are you targeting? Is there a specific part of town or a specific store that you want to go to?

Wherever it is you want to make sure you have enough flyers that you can target the area well. You don’t want to have to pick and choose which vehicles you’re actually putting that flyer on.

You want to make sure everyone gets a copy because you never know who might be the perfect customer by their car.

Next up, make sure you have the right permissions to pass out flyers. You may need permission from your local authority or you might need it from the owner of the parking area (or both).

You definitely don’t want to get in legal trouble because you passed out flyers without getting the right permissions. That’s definitely going to cut into the amount of money that you’ll make when you’re getting business from the flyers (plus you could be ordered to remove all the flyers too).

Now is the easy part, putting them out there. You just have to walk up and down the aisles and start putting flyers on every vehicle you come across. You have a couple different options.

You could roll up the flyer and put it in the door handle or you could slide them under the windshield wiper. Either way, anyone who walks up to their vehicle is going to see it and they’re going to have to take it out before they can leave. That means they’re forced to at least take a glance at it and see what it says.

This is where the content on your flyer is going to be important. If it’s high quality and looks like it’s going to help them, they’re more likely to keep the flyer and look at it again later.

If it doesn’t look useful them they’re probably going to throw it out right away. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to write up your content well and to showcase just who you are and what you can do for that particular customer.

That way, they want to look into your services even more and see what you can do for them.

Other Methods of Passing Out Flyers

If you’re not completely sure about putting flyers on vehicles there are plenty of other methods that you can use as well. You could choose to go door to door and put them in letterboxes, which means you don’t need to get permission to put the flyers out. 

You also could hire a service that can take care of this type of distribution for you, which makes it even easier for you to get it done and make sure that more people are finding out about you.

Passing out flyers directly to people is another way. You can pass them out just about anywhere, from train stations and bus stations to your storefront to even in front of other stores or on the street.

If you’re going to pass out flyers this way, however, you’re going to need permission from the local authority as well as anyone whose property you might be on.

If you’re in front of the train station you may need to get permission from the manager or whoever is in charge of the station, for example, as well as the local authority because you’re on the street.

It’s also possible that you could partner with other businesses who might let you leave flyers at their business. These can be great because you’re targeting a whole additional group of people that you might not have reached out to any other way.

The key here is to make sure that you talk with the business first and maybe see if you can post a flyer in the window and then leave some on their counter for others to take. This can help you to draw in even more people (but you might also need to put some of their flyers out in your business).

No matter what your plans are for distributing flyers, the answer to ‘do flyers on cars work’ is absolutely, yes. You can definitely get a lot of people interested in you and your product or service.

You can get more people to at least see the advertisement that you’ve created and you can definitely see some return. It’s important to make sure you have a great flyer that really sells your business and your products, so that even on a quick initial scan, they’re going to see something that they like and decide to keep the flyer to look at again later.

Let us know if this answered your question if you were wondering do flyers work on cars? And if you need assistance with your leaflet distribution campaign, don't hesitate to drop us a line. 

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