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Combining Print and Digital Marketing


#1 – Combining Print and Digital Marketing through Leaflet Distribution.

Combining print and digital marketing can be achieved through leaflet distribution and some tweaks to your leaflet design.

As you may be aware, every marketing medium has its own strengths. Digital marketing has a wide, targeted reach and fosters deeper relationships with customers. 

Leaflet distribution gets you past overloaded inboxes and reaches people where SEO fails to.  Combining the two is a powerful way to make your marketing work harder.

And bringing the offline and the online together to get the attention of your audience and increase the exposure of your brand is easy.

There are a number of ways to combine print and digital marketing where both work together in tandem.

1) Add your website URL and email address to your leaflets. But don’t just have them printed on your flyers and leave it at that.  Give your prospective customers a reason to go and check out your website. 

Perhaps there’s a special offer, some discounts or a giveaway for each person that completes a specific action such as filling in a survey or ordering online from you before a certain date.

2) Add your social media handles and ask people to follow you.  As with adding your website URL give people a reason to do what you want them to. 

Make it worth their while.  If you don’t entice them to act the chances are they’re going to do nothing. 

3) Generate a campaign hashtag and put it on your leaflets. Make it short and snappy so that people can remember it easily.

The hashtag could link to special offers or useful information based around what you do that will help your audience in some way.  Encourage them to get involved with your online community.

4) Encourage your audience to scan the QR codes you’ve placed on leaflets. This is a more immersive, more interactive way of delivering information.  Perhaps you could even create individual QR codes for each leaflet.  

Among the benefits of this approach is the targeted data you will receive such as who scanned the codes when they did so and what they did next.

5) Use augmented reality (AR) to bring your static leaflet to life.  With AR your audience can scan the leaflet with their smartphones to gain access to lots of unlockable digital content. 

For example, they can watch videos about your products, flick through the pages of your brochures and get 360-degree views of your products.  

Madame Tussauds in London once used AR in its official guidebooks to bring characters to life and unlock videos of how the waxworks were made.  Can you come up with imaginative ways to promote your products using print and AR?

Combine the Power of Print and Digital Marketing.

When digital marketing arrived some doom merchants saw it as the death of leaflet distribution. But there’s a reason that leaflets and flyers are still around and highly valued and that’s because they work. 

Leaflets are here to stay.  And when you combine them with digital marketing your campaign can pack a more powerful marketing punch that can bring in more leads. There’s no reason to let your leaflets be passive pieces of paper.

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