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7 Best Places to Hand Out Flyers for Maximum Exposure

Karol K

Are you a new business that needs help promoting your services? Do you need to increase foot traffic on your business premises? Marketing through flyer distribution might be the answer for you.

Handing out flyers helps new businesses and existing ones to drive up sales effectively without putting a dent in your budget.

It is an effective marketing method that provides quick results. 

The Best Places to Hand out Flyers

The first step a company needs to understand is where to find most of its target customers. This will narrow down your options and will save you a lot of time and effort.

The best places to put flyers or give them out by hand are those places where a lot of your target market congregates or passes by.

If you give us more information about your business and your marketing goals, we will be able to help you find where to put flyers for business.

Business Districts

If you are looking for the best places where to put flyers, business districts are the obvious answer.

Business districts have heavy foot traffic and are full of working people with spending power. These areas are saturated with professionals that can afford to pay for your products and services.

Choosing a busy business area makes flyer distribution easy. You can easily determine certain times of the day when people go out of their buildings to take a break or go home. That way, your team can maximize their time and effort and can reach as many people as they can.

Busy Streets

One of the best places for handing out flyers is the busy streets of the city. You will not have a hard time meeting people that will be glad to receive and read your flyers.

Setting up in busy streets puts you in the position to give your flyers directly to the hands of your potential clients. 

Giving people a break from their walk and handing them reading materials during their travel time increases brand recall and positive responses. These mostly convert into sales and possibly long-term business relationships.


Parks are great for handing out flyers because people are more relaxed and more open to entertaining you. Your flyers have more chances to be read when people are not busy or in a hurry.

Certain parks attract certain people. This will help narrow down your options.

If you have a per accessory business, the dog park is the best place to put flyers and hand them out.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have a revolving door of professionals and people who are ready to spend. If you can get permission to hand out flyers on the premises, do so.

Coffee shops are also one of the best places to put flyers so their customers can pick them up while paying for their cups.

Coffee is best paired with reading material so your flyer can be a welcome material for their customers.

In cases where you do not have approval to distribute inside their premises, you can set up near coffee shops and hand out your flyers as people go in and out.

Supermarkets and Groceries

People shopping for groceries are more open to new products. They will gladly take a flyer or two. Your chances of getting positive responses are very high.

Supermarkets and groceries are also open to small businesses to hand out flyers and put up small promotional kiosks.

Newspaper and Magazine Stands

Newspaper and magazine stands never run out of customers. They get a lot of traffic throughout the day although opening hours take the bulk of it.

People going to buy newspapers and magazines are there to get their reading materials, it wouldn’t hurt to add a flyer or two.

If you can’t get the newspaper stand owner to let you out some flyers in their display area, stay near it so you can hand out the flyers as their customers come and go.

Train and Bus Stations

Trains and bus stations never run out of people. If you are looking to hand out as many flyers and reach as many people as you can, these are the places for you.

Flyers are great reading materials to consume time while people are traveling. Most often than not, commuters will be glad to take your flyers and read them.

For long routes, flyers get read over and over because people stay still without entertainment. Without even knowing it, those people will remember your brand and your products.

What’s Next?

Now that you know your options you should be ready to start. Give us a call or set an appointment so we can plan and strategize with you. We have the manpower to dominate the streets and distribute your flyers to your desired demographics.

Why disrupt your business when we can do it for you? Focus on your main products and services while we focus on getting your flyers in the hands of the right people.

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